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Anonymous man info goes national

First, I want to let you know that there are rumors that the home that Megan Wright was staying out was a drug house.  Megan Wright denied it and now that child protective services has checked out the home, those rumors can go away.

Child protective services came by to check on the children living in the home.  I don’t know if they were called or if CPS brought it upon themselves to check on the children, regardless, the family has been cleared.


The information that the anonymous man broke to FOX news in KC, has gone national.  Private Investigator Ron Rugen, gets full credit for locating and talking to to him and then helping him bring the information to the public’s attention, about who had Megan Wrights phone and was using it during the time that baby Lisa went missing.

The witness said that Dane was acting secretive and edgy that night.  The man wants to stay anonymous because he says Dane is known to be involved with gun, drugs and trouble, although he doesn’t think that Dane would harm a child, but he would assist in a cover up.

CNN Rick Spellman told on Sunday night that everyone in the media was looking for Dane to talk to him.  Dane is also known as Dane Diggler or Dane Greathouse.  The police have spoken to Dane in October, but have not talked to him since and have even said they were not looking to talk to him as recent as yesterday.  Then early this morning, that has all changed and the police would like to talk to him, that is if they can find him.

“According to ABC Action News, “Kansas City police say they can’t find, but want to talk to a new witness that surfaced regarding the mystery phone calls made from one of the missing phones at the home of Baby Lisa.The man police want to talk with had custody of the phone that received the mystery call the night Baby Lisa disappeared, according to Megan Wright, the phone’s owner.”

So, it makes me wonder.  Did the police not have this information that Dane had Megan’s phone?  So, I asked Ron.  Did the anonymous man tell the police in October, that Dane had Megan’s phone?  (Answer to come).
We know that Megan did not even know who was using her phone, until someone told her, and we can pretty much guess that the same man that talked to Ron, also told Megan that it was Dane who had her phone.
The police have the subscriber information from the cell phone for a while now.  Even thought the history was deleted, when Megan got the phone back, the police still know who was calling who, because of that subscriber information.  The police even brought out that one of the phone calls did come from the DB and JI cell phone to Megan’s phone.  So, we know absolutely that someone who had DB and JI’s phone called Megan’s phone.  Not necessarily Megan, but her phone.  And we know that the phone that was used to call Megan’s phone is missing.
So, I can’t help but wonder why the police didn’t spend more time talking to the roommates and finding out who had the phone.
Who had DB and JI’s phone and used it?  Who had it to call Megan’s phone.  Both sides say that don’t know each other, but do they know each others phone numbers?  IF DB used that cell phone to call Megan’s phone and she didn’t know Megan, but was calling the phone number, who was she expecting to answer?  Dane? Jersey? The anonymous roommate?  or IF someone was in the house, while DB was outside or passed out drunk and picked up the phone and made a phone call to Megan’s phone, were they trying to reach Megan? Dane? Jersey? or the anonymous roommate?
And DB and JI’s local attorney has said that someone tried to access the voice mail twice, and the internet on the missing phone at the time that DB was allegedly passed out in bed.  The keyword is “tried”.  If it is your phone, you don’t try to access the voice mail, you just do, unless you can’t remember the password.  And the reason you access it is to get your voice mail.  So, assumingly, there was a voice mail message on the phone that someone was trying to access.  Now the phone is gone.
At this writing, Deborah Bradley, Jeremy Irwin, Bill Stanton and the attorney’s are at the Irwin house.  They are moving back in today.
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