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Josh Rubin: May have planned his disappearance FOUND

On November 1, 2011, Josh’s body was found burned in the woods outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  He had also been shot.  The police did not identify his remains till December 2011.   Read more here.

Josh Rubin, the owner of Whisk Bakery Cafe in Ditmas Park in Brooklyn has been missing since October 31, 2011 and now the police are saying that he may have planned his disappearance.

Authorities have found out that Rubin talked with neighbors who told them that Rubin was talking about subletting his room just before he went missing.

Family and friends are still searching for Rubin and have put up flyers around the city.

They have also posted on the that family and friends have been asked to not speak to the media by the 70th Precinct.

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