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Lisa Irwin: 50-second phone call could be critical to case

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Update:  Megan replied to Ron and told him, “I had that number for 3 or 4 months before this happened.  Prior to that I didn’t have a phone for about 8 months.”

Private Investigator Ron Rugen was on America Live with Megyn Kelly and said he had more information about the 50-second mystery phone call that came from Deborah Bradley’s cell phone to Megan Wrights cell phone.

Megyn Kelly: “…The family defense attorney said, we checked all the records for a year prior for DB’s phone and JI’s phone and they never called that number before, so it suggest it was an intruder that made the call, the same time they were taking that baby, now your saying that your investigation tells you that Megan Wright only had that phone and that phone number for a month prior to the baby’s disappearance?”

Ron Rugen

Ron Rugen: “I was told yesterday afternoon by members of the household where Megan Wright lived that night, that they thought that Megan only had that phone for about a month and a half maybe two months when she first moved into the home.  I reached out to Megan Wright…to try and confirm that…but we are looking at that possibility,” said Ron.

Megyn Kelly: Is this a phone that has a monthly service or pay as you go phone?

Ron Rugen: Megan told me last week, when we sat down, and she told me she owned a Virgin Pre Paid Mobile, pay as you go.

Megyn Kelly: Could she transfer that number to a prepaid phone?

Ron Rugen :  I doubt it, but I can’t say for certain.  I have reached out to several phone experts to answer that question.

Megyn Kelly:  …My understanding is that you can’t do that.

With this new information, Ron believes that whoever used the phone would have been familiar with the phone number.

Ron Rugen:  It would appear that whoever dialed that number that night trying to reach Megan’s Wright phone,  whoever they anticipated who the recipient was, would have had that number memorized or pre programmed into the phone.

Megyn Kelly: Who was the 11:57 caller trying to reach?

Ron Rugen: Whoever attempted to make that phone call or who that attended recipient was, was it Megan, was it Dane, or was it Jersey?

Ron says it doesn’t seem like anyone would steal a baby and stand around and make a phone call and leave.

“How would an intruder steal a baby at 11:15 p.m. and then wait 20 minutes before running two doors down with the baby.”

At this time, I do not know if the police asked if Megan Wright had another cell phone number, and if so, if the police have checked that number to see if DB or JI had called it?

Does this new information change your mind about what happened to baby Lisa?

So who took baby Lisa?

Was it Deborah?  Who sometime between 10:30 and 11:45, accidentally harms baby Lisa and uses her cell phone to make a phone call to Megan Wright’s cell phone.  Some one she had called in the past at another phone number.  Or did she misdial?  Is the phone number she was really trying to reach similar to Megan’s?


Was it an intruder?  Someone who maybe lives near, or who talked with them and knew that Jeremy was leaving the house that night, and who saw Deborah drinking and then came into the home, with the intent of taking advantage of the situation and stealing.  Who saw the cell phones and made a 50-second phone call to Megan’s Wrights cell phone, then put the cell phone in their pocket along, with the other two phones, hunted around the house for loose change, and small items to steal and then finds baby Lisa sleeping in the crib.  In their warped mind, they began thinking about how much money they could make by stealing a baby and selling it, and grab her and run from the house.

Two differently scenarios and which one seems more plausible to you depends on who you think personally think is responsible?

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