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Lisa Irwin: Megan Wright responds to Dane’s interview with Russ Ptacek

Megan Wright
PI Ron Rugen

Kansas City Private Investigator Ron Rugen contacted me and told me he had spoken with Megan Wright about what Dane had said to NBC Action new reporter Russ Ptacek.  If you haven’t seen the video or read the story, click here.

Ron said he asked Megan about what Dane had said about Dane trying to get his service on the night he had the phone.

“It was not that night…a totally different day.  Mid-morning, I’m not sure the date,” said Megan.

Rugen also asked Megan about the FBI calling the cell phone and Dane answering it and giving them a fake name.

“Yes.  Dane mentioned it to me…..Dane gave them a fake name and thought the whole thing was a joke,” said Megan.

Megan also goes over what was going on between her and Jersey (John Tanko) her former boyfriend before and after baby Lisa Irwin went missing.

There is lots, more, so click here to read the whole interview.

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