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Tierra Morgan: Missing two-year-old New Jersey FOUND

Update: Arthur Morgan was captured and arrested for the murder of his daughter.  He was found on Euclid Avenue in San Diego on November 28th.

Tierra Morgan was found strapped into a car seat, face down in a creek in Monmouth County park, by a group of children.  according to a report by the Asbury Park Press.

Two-year-old Tierra Morgan, from Lakehurst, New Jersey, was last seen with her father, Arthur Morgan II, 27, after he picked her up from her mother for visitation.

Tierra was to return to her mom on Monday, but Tierra and her father never showed up.

Tierra weighs 26 pounds, black hair and brown eyes.

Police have said that Morgan was seen getting on a train in Asbury Park on Monday without the toddler.

A warrant is out for Morgan’s arrest and if you known the whereabouts of either Tierra or Morgan, please call the Lakehurst Police Dept. at 848-992-1420.

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