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Lisa Irwin: Where are the suspects?

Ron Rugen, a Kansas City investigator, appeared on Fox 4  to talk about his blog he posted on Monday where he states the phone is the key in the case, of missing baby, Lisa Irwin from Kansas City, Missouri.

“You’re not going to pocket dial some random phone number by accident that happens to be 1.1 miles away from the crime scene,” he said during the interview.  If you reverse the whole call issue, it makes it a lot easier to dig down int the heart of this matter.”

What we do know is that someone used Deborah Bradley’s phone at 11:50 the night that baby Lisa went missing, to call or attempt to call Megan Wright’s cell phone.  But, who?

We also know that there were two attempts to access the voice mail or internet at 3:17 a.m. and 3:22 a.m.  But, who?

John “Jersey” Tanko was arraigned in court this week for a tampering with a vehicle charge and is due back in court in April.  Police have said they do not consider him a suspect in the case.

With Jersey not considered a suspect or Dane, who is left?  Will the police ever come up with anyone, will there ever be an arrest,  or will it always be no one?

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