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Kathleen Scharbath: Missing from Carlsbad

Update:  Authorities report they believe they have found the remains of Kathleen Scharbarth in a remote area of San Diego County.  A Medical Examiner will be brought in for identification.

Michael Robles, 43, of Fallbrook was booked on kidnapping and murder charges on Friday and Kathleen Scharbath is still missing.

Nothing is being said if the charges are related to Kathleen’s disappearance, but it is being assumed so.  If that is the case, then sadly, authorities are searching for a body.

Kathy Scharbath, 34, was last seen on Wednesday around 11:30 p.m. when she was walking her boyfriend, Daniel Weber to his car.

The following morning, Daniel was suppose to pick her up for breakfast at her hoe on the 3100 block of Via Puerta in Carlsbad, California, but she was not there.  Her 13-year-old daughter was asleep inside and the door was left open.

“Woke her daughter up, called the grandparents, tried to do what we could to find her,” said Weber

The police are trying to obtain a search warrant so they can search Robles’ residence.

Scharbarth is 5’5″ tall, 125 pounds, with long, straight blonde hair and blue eyes. 

If you know the whereabouts of Robles’ please call the San Diego Police Dept at 760-931-2197.

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