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Day: November 29, 2011

Woman who steals toddler out of house, caught on video

A toddler is kidnapped in Portland and the boy is found and put into foster care, before the parents even realize he is gone. According to the parents, they thought that their two-year-old son was with his grandparents at church, but when the grandparents returned on Sunday afternoon, without the boy,  they knew that was […]

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Stop losing your phone!

As a woman, we don’t always have a pocket for our phone, so we end up setting it down somewhere and then having to search for it, because we are not sure what we did with it, and heaven forbid, you leave the house without it.  It’s inevitable you are driving down the street before […]

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Dale Smith hires attorney

 Put Parker in to the search box above to read all the stories.  UPDATE 3/2/15 – Orlando police went back to the same wooded area and pond near her ex’s home where her cell phone was found two weeks later. Dale Smith, Jr. who Chief Rooney said on Monday was a suspect in the disappearance […]

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