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Woman who steals toddler out of house, caught on video

A toddler is kidnapped in Portland and the boy is found and put into foster care, before the parents even realize he is gone.

According to the parents, they thought that their two-year-old son was with his grandparents at church, but when the grandparents returned on Sunday afternoon, without the boy,  they knew that was not the case and that he was gone.

Okay, before I go on, how many of you verify where your child is?  When you don’t see them for a while, do you say, oh they must be at a neighbors house, or my mom has her.  No!  You verify.  So, I am having a bit of trouble believing these parents thought there 2-year old was with the grandparents.

Plus, because there was discussion whether he was taken from inside the home or while he was playing outside, it sounds as though he was unattended a lot.  It was determined the woman came into the house and took the boy, because she had other toys and blankets with her that the boy would not have been able to carry.

Back to the story, the boy has been taken, parents don’t miss him and then the employees at the Fresh Pot restaurant see this woman, Lisa Kemper, wearing only a tank top and men’s underwear, carrying a child.  Her hair was sticking up on end (see photo) and she was confused.

“The woman came in and she look incredibly disheveled and I just kind of thought that things weren’t right because she was carrying a kid in his PJ’s and she was only wearing boxer briefs and a tank top,” said a Fresh Pot worker to KGW on Monday.

The police show up, identified the woman as Lisa Kemper, 30, who was  a well-known mentally ill woman in the neighborhood.   The police take the boy away from her and put him in foster care.

It was about four hours later that the parents called and it was realized that the boy was actually the missing boy.  Which makes me wonder, if they knew, Lisa Kemper to be a mentally ill woman, why didn’t they wonder where this little boy came from?

The boy is back home, now and the mother is telling everyone that her son was taken by a “crazy woman”.

I don’t think this mother understands how lucky she is to get her son back.  It could have been much worse.  I just hope the communication between the grandparents and parents have improved after this incident.

A neighbor caught the woman walking down the street with the toddler, click here if you would like to watch it.

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