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Aubrey Sacco: Colorado resident missing in Nepal

Aubrey Caroline Sacco

UPDATE:  8/2/13 – I just heard that Police in Nepal have arrested two men suspected of being involved in the disappearance of Aubrey Sacco, reports Fox News.

The two suspects were arrested Thursday in Rasuwa, near where Sacco went missing, and were being questioned, said police official Raj Kumar Shrestha.  Then later on in the day a new development.  Three more suspects were arrested following a tip off by Jagat Tamang of Bhorle VDC-1 and Pemba Tamang of Saramthali VDC-9 in Rasuwa district, according to the Republica, the two men previously arrested..

Jagat and Pemba told the police of other people allegedly involved in the disappearance of Aubrey who they now say was murdered shortly after she went missing.

Those men were identified as Lakpa Tamang of Langtang-8 and Chyangba Tamang of Saramthali-8. The identity of the third suspect is not known at this writing.

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Unknown man that Paul hopes will come forward
and identify himself

Back in August I wrote about Aubrey Sacco from Greeley, Colorado who disappeared wile hiking in Nepal in 2010.

Aubrey was hiking in the Langtang area of northern Nepal when she was last seen, and now her father hopes that a man in the photo may have more information about Aubrey.

Her father, Paul Sacco, has traveled to the area many times in hopes to find his daughter (see video).   What he did find was her laptop, video camera and journal that was left at the last hotel she stayed at.   Paul and his wife, believe that Aubrey is still alive and being held against her will.

“They have told us that they’re not talking and all of the searchers that have interviewed those people know that the villagers are withholding information,”  Connie Sacco, Aubrey’s mom told KDVR-TV. “They’re protecting each other because they’re afraid of the police.”

Now her father is asking if anyone knows the man that is in the picture that was found on Aubrey’s laptop.

“I want to emphasize that this guy is not a suspect.  We just know that she took the photo of him, so why wouldn’t he surface?  Why wouldn’t he say something,” said Paul.  “He’s a person of interest, just because we don’t know who he is.”

Paul believe that the man may know something about what happened to Aubry because they were in the the same Nepalese cities around the same time.

If you know the man that is in the photo, let me know.  Hopefully, he can provide some information that may help reunite a father and daughter.

Aubrey missing for over a Year

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