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Gail Palmgren: Wrecked jeep found

Update:  Police positively identified the vehicle using the license plate as belonging to Gail Palmgren, but there is no sign of Gail.  Authorities are considering searching the area around the vehicle with cadaver dogs tomorrow.

The red Rubicon Jeep that Gail Palmgren was driving when she disappeared may have been found.

It is in a hard to get to area where there is heavy under growth near East Brow at Hampton.  Investigators will need to rappel down to get to it.

The wrecked Jeep was found after Hamilton County deputies did a second aerial search around Signal Mountain which is the area where her cell phone last pinged before she went missing.

Deputies have said the operation could become a recovery effort if a body is found in the wrecked Jeep.

Gail was last seen leaving her home on April 30th dropping her children off  with her husband, Matthew Palmgren who was the director of pharmacy programs for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Gail’s Facebook page

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