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Gail Palmgren: Body found in Signal Mountain

Although the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Dept. still needs to contact family members and get a positive identification, the remains of Gail Palmgren have probably been found.

It appears as though her Rubicon Jeep that every one has been searching for went off the cliff and rolled 150 feet down the embankment, causing extensive damage to the roof and front end of the vehicle.

A woman’s remains were found about 100 yards from the crash sight early this morning.  Authorities said that it appeared as though the woman was not wearing her seat belt during the crash.  A cell phone was found near the crash sight and investigators will be checking the phone messages and text messages on the phone.

Investigators are concerned about preserving the evidence and may air lift the vehicle out.

Gail , 44, was last seen leaving her Signal Mountain, Tennessee home on April 30th and dropping her children off with her husband, Matthew Palmgren who was the director of pharmacy programs for Blue Cross Blue Shield at the time.

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