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Bianca Jones: Father seen on surveillance video near Detroit River

Lane was taken to the police station on Friday and ended up being held on unrelated charges stemming from violating a personal protective order.  He is scheduled to be released, possibly today.  Lane was given a polygraph test and a police source said he failed.  Lane was charged and arrested in 2003 for possession of firearms and narcotics in Wayne County, per the Dept. of Corrections website. 
On Sunday, Michigan State Police searched Lane’s home.  Police told Local 4 that they recovered a “significant amount of evidence” from the home.  Police also received information that Lane was seen on a surveillance video in the area behind Wayne Community College near the Detroit River, before the time of the carjacking, and the information does “have some validity.” A neighbor of Lanes said that Lane had “spanked” Bianca so severely he asked him to stop.

If you would like to help search, you can call the Police Community Services at 313-596-2520.  The volunteers are meeting at the Metropolitan United Methodist Church on 8000 Woodward Avenue.

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