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Witnesses coming forward in Bianca Jones case

Two people are coming forward to say they saw D’andre Lane, Bianca Jones’ father, the day that he was allegedly carjacked, sources have told  Clickon Detroit.

An unnamed D-Dot bus driver, who was working in the area, has gone to the Detroit Police Dept. to tell them that said he saw Lane driving his silver Marquis alone, with no Bianca in the back seat.

Another witness, a woman, said she was looking out her window and saw Lane pulling his car into a dead-end alley and get out and walk away.

Today Law enforcement are focusing on Lane’s cell phone and have been tracking Lane’s movement’s through his cell phone. 

“What they are looking, they are looking at is his phone, where was he at, what tower was it bouncing at,” said Tom Berry, former Detroit police lieutenant. “They will be taking all the givens, all the facts they have, not the polygraph because it was not a fact.”

Bianca Jones has been missing since December 2.

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