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Steven Marchi: Remains may belong to missing musician FOUND

Steven’s remains were positively identified.  The police are stating there was no foul play.

Steven Marchi, 43, went missing August 12, 2011.  Steven was a well-known local Atlanta musician. He was last seen leaving the apartment in his green Dodge pickup truck.  The truck was later found at a Walmart parking lot in October.

Surveillance cameras in the Walmart parking lot showed Steven coming back to his truck to brush his teeth, but he was not seen leaving the parking lot, because the view was obscured by a tree.

Authorities believe he may have gone hiking near Highway 82, and they may have been right.  A skull was discovered on December 5, and a cadaver dog also found a vertebrae, and a washed away campsite.  At the campsite tree was some of Steven’s items, like a water bottle a friend gave him and a plastic gag with his drive’s license and passport.

“It was during the intense heat wave we had at that time and Marchi may have become dehydrated,” said Carter.  “He could have become dehydrated or been bitten by a snake and ad no means of communication because he had left his cell pone in Georgia.”

The remains have been sent for DNA testing for positive identification.

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