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Trinity and Larry Grant: Missing children from Georgia Found

UPDATE:  Larry, Jr. and Trinity were found in Alabama on October 8, 2012.  They were with their father.  They are now back with their mother. 

Larry and Trinity were allegedly abducted by their father, Larry Grant, on April 15, 2011 from Dallas, Georgia. A felony warrant is on file for Larry. They may travel out of the state.

The child Larry’s nickname is Junior. Trinity’s nicknames are Tee-Tee and Gracie.

The children’s father has a tattoo of a werewolf on his left upper arm.

Please keep a look out for them as both of them Larry should be entering school this year at first grade (assuming he did not go to Kindergarten) and Trinity will be old enough for Kindergarten this year.  There hair may be a little darker or shorter or longer and another person may be signing them up for school or picking them up so that their father is not spotted.  He probably will basically look the same, but watch for the tattoo.

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