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Ayla Bell Reynolds: Missing Maine toddler missing from bed

Ayla Bell Reynolds, 20-months-old was put to bed on Friday night, December 16,  by her father around 8:00 p.m. and when he wen to check on her on Saturday morning she was gone, according to ABC News.

Ayla was with her father, Justin DiPietro on 29 Violette Ave., in Waterville, Maine.  Her mother, Trista Reynolds, who lives in South Portland, had just filed for full custody of Ayla just before her disappearance. Justin and Trista were sharing custody.  Trista said she had filed paperwork on Thursday and Justin did not know.

Trista has been speaking with the media and said that she is not allowed to go to Waterville to search for Ayla, because the authorities want her to stay where she is.  Each interview that Trista does she becomes more adamant that Justin was the last one with Ayla, and believes he or his family has something to do with Ayla missing.

Authorities have been searching for Ayla and have not ruled out anyone.

We were able to speak to them at length and they were forthcoming with the information,” said Watervill Police Chief Joseph Massey.

Ayla has blonde hair and blue eyes and is 2’9″ tall.  She was wearing pjs with white polka dots that said “Daddy’s Princess” on the front.  Ayla has a soft cast on her left arm from falling and breaking her arm about 3 weeks ago.

If you have any information regarding Reynolds’ whereabouts is asked to call the Waterville Police Department at 207-680-4700.

Were bath salts the cause of Ayla Reynolds’ disappearance?

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  1. I really hope this angel is foud as soon as possible. whoever has her has to realize that she is only a few months old and she needs her parents! Please who ever has her return her to her family she doesnt deserve anything bad she is just a baby.

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