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Aisha Khan: Found

From Aisha’s Facebook page;

On behalf of the Khan family, we are ecstatic to announce that Aisha has been found. She is safe and is unharmed. The family is truly grateful to each and every one of your support and encouragement during this difficult journey. Thank you for your prayers, locally, nationally and from across the world. Thank you to all local and national media outlets for keeping her story alive. And most of all, thank you to the Overland Park Police Department who have put in hundreds of hours into finding her safely and to the hundreds of volunteers who dedicated their time around the clock toward the search efforts. Our prayers have been answered. Thank you all.

Aisha Khan, 19, a Johnson County college student, who went missing on December 16, after texting her sister that someone was bothering her has been found, according to PI Ron Rugen, who received a message from a reporter.  She is fine and I will report more about this when  I know more.
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