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Merry Christmas

The Christmas Cat

I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

I do realize that many of you are missing your loved ones this Christmas, and the holiday can be more painful than happy.

I hope that you see the coming new year as a way to gain new hope that they will be found or will return in 2012.  With that, I hope that no one has to spend one more Christmas wondering what happened to their loved one.

For all that have faithfully followed the Missing Persons of America website and/or Facebook fan page, please know that every morning when I see all the people that have read my posts the day before, I am truly humbled and that it only helps me to continue my work.

My ultimate desire is for everyone to be found, and that there be not one person lost and unaccounted for.  Until that day, I will continue to push ahead.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. 

the missing by Suheir Hammad
the way loss seeps
into neck hollows
and curls at temples
sits between front teeth
empty and waiting
for mourning to open
the way mourning stays
forever shadowing vision
shaping lives with memory
a drawer won’t close
sleep elusive
smile illusive
the only real is grief
forever counting the days
minutes missing without knowing
so that one day
you find yourself
showering tears
missing that love
like sugar
aches teeth
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