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Aliahna Lemmon: Body of 9-year-old found

Update:  Plumadore was in court this morning.  You can read more here, but please be advised that it is graphic in content.

Aliahna Lemmon the 9-year-old who disappeared from her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana on December 23 has been found dead in northern Allen County around 9:00 p.m. Monday.

At first the name of the suspect was not released, but he was charged with murder.

Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries did say that the person was an individual that Lemmon had been staying with for the last week.

It didn’t take long to find out that the “individual” is  Michael Len Plumadore, 39,  a family friend who was watching Aliahna because her mother had the flu.  (Click on link under his photo to see arrest info) The family friend also took care of Aliahna’s grandfather before he died.

Police believe that Aliahna was killed on Friday.  No motive or method has been disclosed.  Plumadore is to be arraigned on Tuesday.

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