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Family missing after trip to Mt. Hood FOUND

Stewart and Aidan

Update:  The family have been found walking along a road. after their car was located.
 “They definitely have gear because their whole idea was to go up there and play in the snow,” Jorgensen said. “We don’t have any evidence this is anything beyond them being lost.”

The latest update says, ” family made a wrong turn and got stranded in deep snow in the Cascade foothills.”

I wish everyone would get a GPS locator and take it with them when they go on trips.  I hope this family is found alright.

Stewart Schmidt, 33, and his children, Aidan Schmidt, 6, and Gabriel McCoy, 15, from Lake Oswego headed to Mount Hood on Monday morning for the day.

He told is ex-wife Rhiannon Schmidt that he was planning on going to the Indian Henry Campground to hike, and would be back around 4:00 p.m., but he never returned.

Rhiannon called the police to tell them they had not returned and the authorities began a late-night search, but did not find the family.

“The preliminary information we do have from the ex-wife is that Mr. Schmidt is an experienced outdoors person.  He is a hiker.  He is familiar with the outdoors,” said Lake Oswego police Capt. Dale Jorgensen to OregonLive.

They are driving a maroon Santa Fe Hyundai SUV with Oregon plates YPA799.  The search party has not located the car at this writing.

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