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Shelbie Ann Wilkie: Missing mom has postpartum depression Found

UPDATEDDd 1/31/15 –  Michael Leroy Wilkie, accused of killing his wife, Shelby Wilkie, and burning her remains, was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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Update Jan 6, PM:

Investigators in Henderson County have charged Michael Wilkie with the murder of his wife Shelby Anne Wilkie. The arrest comes as officers tonight are searching property off Kanuga Lake Road that is owned by the family of Michael Wilkie.

“Authorities are now searching the Hendersonville home of Shelby Wilkie, who’s been missing since Monday. News 13’s Mario Boone is there and sent this picture from the scene. We have also learned that a rescue squad is searching Westfeldt River Park near where Wilkie’s SUV was found yesterday.

The car belonging to Shelby has been located in the parking lot of JandS Cafeteria on Airport Road in Fletcher, NC.  I have also heard that there were domestic violence charges in the past and seeing scratches on husband’s face.

Shelby Wilkie, 38, from Hendersonville, North Carolina is a new mom and according to her husband she has been suffering with postpartum depression. 

Shelby was last seen at her home on Moody Street and she told her husband she was going to work at Asheville Radio Partners on Patton Avenue on Monday, but she did not show up for work.  She has not called home or answered her cell phone.

Shelby drives a black 2012 Ford Escape.  

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office at 828-694-2748.

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