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Ayla Reynolds: Dad invites Nancy Grace to spend day with him

Ayla Reynolds, 21 months, has been missing since December 17th.  She was with her father, Justin DiPietro on the evening that she went missing and there has been speculation that her father may know where she is at, especially from HLN’s Nancy Grace.

In response to Nancy’s criticism, DiPietro has invited Nancy Grace to spend the day with him.  The invitation is for her exclusively and not the show’s producers.

“Nancy Grace, please come see me.  Do you want to spend a day with me?  Do you want to see what I’m going through?  Do you want to see the ins and outs of it?  I invite you to,” said DiPietro.

DiPietro told the Morning Sentinel that he understands why the focus is on him and he can handle it.

“If I have to be the brunt of those attacks, then so be it.  If that’s what will bring Ayla home, then sign me up,” DiPietro said

When DiPietro appeared on the Today show, he said, the first few days following Ayla’s disappearance he was “emotionally incapable of coming out to do an interview.” He said police also warned him he could hinder their investigation by doing so.

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