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Stacey Nicole: Woman missing from Atlanta

Stacey English

The remains have been confirmed as belonging to Stacey.  A medical examiner report released stated:“The most likely cause of Stacey English’s death is cold exposure (hypothermia) complicating underlying neurological and psychiatric disorders…Because cold exposure is an external, environmental condition, the manner of death has been classified as accident.”

Update:  A body has been found under a tree in Atlanta.  No positive confirmation has been made.  Read the story here.

Update:  Stacey’s car was found in the Lakewood area of southeast Atlanta. It was found with its engine running.

Original Story:  Stacey Nicole English, 36, is missing.  Shehas not been seen for over a week.  She was known to last be at her home on Lenox Road in Atlanta, Georgia, December 26, according to her parents.
Stacey’s parents said they knew that Stacey had a friend from Missouri that was visiting her and wanted to give her  a little privacy.  Stacey had been at her parents house on Christmas and talked to her dad on the phone on Sunday during the game.

Stacey seemed to disappear after that.  She left her keys, Ipad and cellphone behind and her fireplace was left on.  Her car was gone.

On December 27th, Stacey’s white Volvo S60 was found in southwest Atlanta.

Stacey works at the Sun Trust Bank and has not shown up for work, either.

Jamison and her husband called police and went through her phone, learning their daughter met with a girlfriend on Dec. 26.

On Thursday Cindy told My Fox 5, “We know that she was upset, and she had contacted a friend…She met the friend, a girlfriend of hers, for lunch. Then they talked,” said Cindy Jamison, who said her daughter then went home.

Stacey’s parents say their daughter went home. The man visiting her was still there. They’ve since called him and say he told them they had an argument and that she asked him to leave.

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