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Sharon Ruth Hopf: Video of the commercial that Sharon did

Update:  Sharon has been found, click here.

Update:  Please click here to read the post about the police stating that Sharon left on her own accord.

This is a commercial (below) that missing Sharon Ruth Hopf and her husband did in September of 2011 for their furniture store. It not only gives you a more current look of what Sharon looks like, but it also lets you see her mannerisms and voice, two important facts that allow you to recognize someone.

Back in March I wrote a story about, what I called the Clark Kent/Superman Syndrome, where a group of shoppers did not recognize a child in the grocery store although they had just looked at her picture. Click here if you would like to read that article.  Just adding a hat, putting on sunglasses, and even slumping your shoulders are many things that can keep someone from you.

Hopefully, this commercial will help locate Sharon.

Also, Sharon’s vehicle has been found in St. Louis, but the police are not letting out exactly where, which I think is a shame because someone would remember if they were in that area around the time she went missing and might remember something. I am hoping that the lack of info, does not mean bad news. In the meantime, I have sent an email to a friend of mind that may be able to get that info for me, and when I know, you know.

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