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Ayla Reynolds: Grandmother says there was oddities in the house

Phoebe DiPietro, the grandmother of missing Waterville, Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds’ has talked to the media and said she noted things were not the same in the house after Ayla vanished.

“Some oddities that I had noticed.  And we told the law enforcement, you know, what those were,” she recounted.

Phoebe can’t say what those things were, because of the investigation.  Leaving us to only guess what it might be.

Up to this point, Justin DePietro, Ayla’s father has hunkered down and was not doing any media interviews, but the Laura Recovery Center advised Justin to start talking.  He has even been seen putting MP posters of his daughter around town.

If there was something solid I knew, I would be sharing that,” said Justin

I can’t figure out if Justin is more worried about his public persona or his daughter, what do you think?  You can see Justin’s interview by clicking here.

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