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Edwin Rogers: Missing man from Texas

Edwin Clark Rogers, 62 from Tarkington, Liberty County Texas has been missing since December 30th.”I talked to him at 11:43 on the 30th.  He asked if I was still up.  I said no, so he said, Okay, I’m gonna go then.  I guessed he was talking about going home,” said Lesley Rogers, Edwin’s brother.

David Rogers, Edwin’s son, said that his dad called him, too and said about the same thing.

Edwin’s Jeep Cherokee was seen by Edwin’s stepson, Josh Roskie and his wife on Highway 321 near County Road 2243 between Cleveland and Tarkington Prairie.  He didn’t think anything about it because he said his parents were separated.  After a few days more people saw the Jeep at the same location.

Josh also said that Edwin would park the Jeep away from the house to spy on his mom, so he thought that what was going on.  Josh said he called his mom and she went to the Jeep and put a rock on the tire, so she would be able to tell if it moved.  She found Edwin’s cell phone under the front seat and became worried.

Edwin was reported missing on January 6th.

Texas EquuSearch and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office are currently searching the area for Edwin.

If you have any information about Edwin’s whereabouts, or seen his gray colored Jeep Cherokee 4-wheel drive on December 30th, please call 936-336-4500.

6 thoughts on “Edwin Rogers: Missing man from Texas

  1. Why would you put any thing as a comment like that……keep your comment to your self….this man is a good man and he love's his family and he was not lonely he had family and friends. So you don't know your ass from your elbo.

  2. Lynn6869. You are right, I don't know the difference between my ass and my elbo, but I do know the difference between my ass and my elbow. I do not understand your hostility. Everyone here, wants Edwin to be found. No one meant anything bad about saying he sounded depressed or lonely.

  3. My heart goes out to this man and his family and I hope he's found. I live right down the street from where the Jeep was found and I drove by it many days and my heart was always heavy for some reason but was not quite sure why. I knew the Jeep didn't appear to be broken down and always wondered why it was just sitting… I pray there is a happy ending to this story…

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