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Sharon Hopf: Car found. Did the driver know where they were going?

Show approximate location where
Sharon’s car was found

Update:  Sharon has been found. Click here to read more.

Click here for the latest about police saying Sharon left on her own accord.

Shows route taken from Iowa to Missouri

As you have probably already heard, missing Sharon Hopf’s car was found near an abandoned home on 28000 state Highway F, Wright City Missouri.

How did Sharon’s car get from Crawfordsville, Iowa to Wright City, Missouri, a 201 mile, 3 hour and 51 minute drive?

I looked at the map and found that Crawfordsville is almost a straight shot on IA-27, which turns into US-61.

Whoever was driving could have gone right towards St. Louis, but they decided to go left instead.  At first it seems like a random straight drive, but then towards the last 5 miles of the trip, this person may have had a destination in mind, as they turned right onto US-40, then took the exit 200, drove approximately another 3.5 miles and made a few more left and right turns to get to State Hwy F, where the car was found.  

Then the person would have had to walk away from the car to make it to their final destination.  They could have gone to Highway F, and hitched hiked or walked to Innsbrook.

There has to be some foreign forensic evidence in that car, unless someone was driving  with a plastic suit on, or Sharon herself was driving.

Is the driving route an action that was made by someone that didn’t know where they were going, or did know.  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Sharon Hopf: Car found. Did the driver know where they were going?

  1. I'll give you a name, as food for thought Nicholas Coppolla. Went missing Dec 2010, within 5 miles of that area. Car locked, wallet and cell phone inside. His skull was found 7 months later near the Warren/Lincoln county line.

  2. As a truck driver I can tell you I took 61 up to Iowa many times to visit family in Washington Iowa it is not a unusal route to take.

  3. Ok that is scary that the young man locked his car an left his stuff in the car also an went missing !!

  4. Did the officials in Warren Co Mo consider all the lakes in the area?
    As one post stated the Innsbrook development is a short distant and has large and smaller lakes scattered around the area. And if you zoom in where car found there appears to be a large pond close by.

  5. The Associated Press reported that a coroner has identified a body found in a creek as that of Nicholas Coppola, a St. Charles man who has been missing since December 2010. He was last seen in his apartment in Columbia.

    Dec. 12, Coppola abandoned his car, leaving his wallet and cell phone, Vox reported. He walked to a nearby house and found shelter in a barn. When a friend of the owner found him and asked him to leave, Coppola apologized and walked away, only to attempt to enter another house.
    At 3:18 p.m. that day, Wright City police received a call about a man, presumed to be Coppola, attempting to break into another house.

    Coppola was apprehended at 5:11 p.m. that day, but released at 5:40 p.m.

    He was not seen alive again.

    Coppola's body was found July 26 on the border of Lincoln and Warren counties.

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