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Landon League: Missing since 2008 may be in San Diego or Nevada

Landon League turned 18 in February 2021, he was parentally abducted when he was 5 years old.  He probably doesn’t realize his dad is out there searching for him.   His dad posted a message on Facebook on his 18th birthday.
Landon League was just 5 years old when he went missing in June 2008.

Landon’s father Blayne League had received a call from his ex-wife, Landon’s mother, Victoria League-Lopez asking him if she could keep Landon a while longer as she was in the middle of moving some stuff.  Blayne agreed and sadly he has not seen his son since.

Authorities believe that Victoria took Landon and crossed the border into Mexico, and may be in Guadalajara or Jalisco, Mexico.  They also believe that she is probably traveling back and forth from Mexico, as her car was flagged in a database in 2010, but the car passed through before she was stopped at the border.

Victoria has been charged with abducting her son and preventing him from seeing or contacting his father.

Blayne told the me at the Examiner on Wednesday (2012) that “John Walsh is here in Vegas filming for America’s Most Wanted and he will air Landon’s story on an upcoming show.”

The show will air January 13 (2012), on Lifetime.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has been receiving new leads since the age-enhanced photo of Landon at the age of 8 has been released.

Authorities hope that someone will spot Landon or his mother in San Diego visiting her brother or in Las Vegas visiting her Uncle and come forward and let them know.

Victoria may be driving a blue 1998 Toyota Corolla with Nevada license plate 523-UAG.

Victoria was born August 20, 1977 and has brown eyes, long black hair and a scar on her lower pack.  She is 5’4″ tall, 125 pounds and may go by Lopez or Lopez-Garcia.

Landon is now 8 years-old and is approximately 3’6″ tall, 55 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Below is the photo of him when before he went missing and the photo above is an age-progressed photo to age 10.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Landon League or Victoria League-Lopez, please call 911  or 1-800-CRIME-TV.

Landon’s Facebook page

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