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Sharon Hopf: Police believe she left by her own will

UPDATE:  Sharon has been found, click here to read more.

The police had a press conference regarding missing Sharon Hopf and they stated they believe she left on her own will.

They also listed why they came to this conclusion, which I have not seen before, but find it refreshing information.  This is what was said:

Two days after Sharon disappeared the authorities found her 1999 Chevy Lumina outside an abandoned home in Wright City, Missouri.  They used search dogs and cadaver dogs and they detected Sharon’s sent.  Then the trail was lost.

S/A Jeff Unlmeyer of the DCI said that there was more evidence that suggested she left by her own will:

Sharon wrote a check to herself for $1,000 and cashed it at a bank in Washington on January 3, she had deleted a large portion of her emails, including a entire “sent” folder, she left for work an hour earlier than usual and turned her phone off the morning she went missing and when it was recovered it was fully charged, and she got gas at the 4-Corners gas station in Ainsworth around 7:30 a.m. and she was alone.

“Whoever was operating that vehicle locked the car and walked away with the keys,” said Unimeyer.

Uhlmeyer said he believed Hopf fled because of stress but would not say what was causing the stress, other than work and family related issues.

Regardless, my list will still show Sharon Hopf missing.

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