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Larry Starks: Daughter finds missing dad

Larry Everett Starks, 69, a retired San Diego County sheriff’s deputy who went missing in Florida about two years ago, has been found.

Back on January 10, (read story here) I told you about Larry’s daughter, Kiersten Carlin, 32, who was been searching for her dad over the last two years, had heard he was seen in Downey.

Larry turned up at a restaurant and then was taken to the hospital for observation. He was released before she got to the hospital.

She asked the public and the media and nearby hospitals to be on alert for her dad, and on Saturday she received a call from a Long Beach hospital that her dad was being treated for swollen feet there.

“I just ran to him, hugged him and kissed him and said, ‘Dad, I love you. Where have you been?'” she said.

Larry who usually takes medication was not clear where he had been, other than roaming the streets.

Now that Kiersten has found him, she plans on having her father live with her in Orange County.

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