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Kayli Rickard: Missing 12-year-old from California Found

UPDATE:  Kayli has been found.  She was located in LAea in the home of relatives of Escobar, her 19-year-old boyfriend, Eli Escobar.  Eli was arrested and will probably face charges.  Kayli’s was held at the  Sheriff’s office and will be released to her family.

Update: Kayli is still missing.  I found a video of her singing, which I have posted, so you have a better idea what she looks like.

Kayli, where ever you are, please call and let your family know you are alright. If you have any doubts on what to do, just think about your grandmother and ask yourself, what would she want you to do. 

Kayli Rickard was last seen at her school on La Salle Avenue in Seaside, California on Tuesday.

She left a note behind saying she left voluntarily and would return sometime later.

Her family is concerned that she is with her 19-year-old boyfriend, Eli Escobar Garcia.

If you know of her whereabouts, please call the Seaside Police dept. at 831-899-6748.

4 thoughts on “Kayli Rickard: Missing 12-year-old from California Found

  1. Kayli, thank God you are found and home soon. Praise the Lord and that will make your Grandma very happy. Be blessed Kayli. Your old neighbor, Carol

  2. How in the world can a 12 year old girl be dating a 19 year old man?! Where's her parents, and why aren't they parenting?? Sickening…

  3. I didnt live with my parents and theirs a story behind it that no ones really knows and no one will ever really know and understand it. I regret what i did for the fact that he's in jail and scarying my family but besides that i dont regret a thing. But for you to sit their and automatically assume that its my parents fault is sickening cause its not their fault its mine. Cause i was caught up in love and was willing to do whatever to keep him by my side. If my parents werent parenting they wouldnt have pressed charges on Eli which is one of the main reasons i ran away with him cause i didnt want the police to find him. But i would appreciate it if next time you thought about what you say beore you say something offensive like that.

    -Kayli Lynn

  4. Kayli, I am glad to hear your point of view and I think we all can learn from it. If you would like me to take down this story, just let me know. You deserve your privacy and I don't want you to be burdened, so just leave a post here, if you would like me to do that

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