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Latasha Nevitt: Missing mother from Chicago Found

UPDATE: 1/27/17 – No one has been charged or are there any suspects named by the police for the murder of Latasha Nevitt.

UPDATE:  3/8/14 – The cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed that the remains belonged to Latasha.  Latasha was found frozen, in the fetal position, wrapped in garbage bags. A scarf was tied around her eyes like a blindfold. Her legs were bound with a cell phone charging cord. The examiner concluded that Nevitt’s death was a homicide by “unspecified means,” the same finding as in the Tiara Groves case, wrote the Chicago Magazine.

UPDATE:  3/6/14 – Latasha Nevitt, the woman who disappeared from her home in Chicago has been one of my most popular stories on MPofA with lots of speculations on what happened to her.

Now police believe they may have found her body in an area where water workers go to turn off or drain water in Morgan Park, which is located near her home, according to WLS news.

Around 10:45 on Wednesday morning a city water worker found a body near West 107th Place and South Loomis Street.  They said the woman appeared to be in her 30s but I would think that there would be only skeletal remains left, so they may be going by her clothing and jewelry, also.

The body was in a heavy-duty plastic bag and “stuffed” into the space.

Previous story:  Latasha Nevitt, 30, was last seen by her husband, Isaac Nevitt, who said she left her house on the 1300 block of West 107th Street to walk to the food mart and liquor store on 112th street, east of Vincennes and never came back.  He reported her missing on October 14.

Latasa is a mother of three children and is attending school at Everest University to become a dental hygienist.

There has been no activity on her cell phone

Her mother, Brenda Morgan has searched areas around West 107th Street and South Vincennes Avenue, where Latasha was last seen, but could not find her or any clues as to what happened to her.

Morgan says Latasha had everything to live for and was doing well at Everest College. She doted on her three children, 10-year-old Ariel and her 2-year-old twins, Brian and Ryan.

Latasha is 5 foot, 4 inches tall and weighs 118 pounds.
Latasha’s Facebook page

If you have any information about Latasha and know her whereabouts, please call the Chicago police at 312-747-8274.

90 thoughts on “Latasha Nevitt: Missing mother from Chicago Found

  1. I pray that she is found and is safe because she is beautiful and has beautiful children. May God bless this family.

  2. Watching her story on First 48. Hope the show will bring some answers. Blessings to her sons and family.

  3. I just saw the episode on the first 48. Its crazy how people can just disappear like this. Its crazy that people in this world would be sick enough to abduct a mother of three. People just don't think about the effect something like that can have. I pray that she is found alive even after all this time. God bless the nevitt family. I hope the best for you and at the least some sort of closure.

  4. I saw the story of your daughter's disappearance on A&E tonigght. God bless your family, I hope that she returns home soon and safely.

  5. Did they search in abandon homes with basements…? I was just watching this story on the first 48 when towards the end they show her husband walking by abandon homes and it just hit me…they should search abandon homes in her area

  6. Just saw the episode too… I pray for her kids and hope they find her. 🙁 It's crazy how big the world seems when you are looking for someone.

  7. Yes it is really sad I just got dne watchn that I pray to God she is ok

  8. Her parents seem very disconnected. If I thought my child was in the woods in view of my house, I'd have been there daily, looking for her. Weird remarks frm parents.

  9. My prayers are with Latasha's family. However, I still believe her husband is involved. The investigators need to look a bit closer at him and talk to him a biit more. Just my gut feeling as a Homicide Investigator…

  10. Earlier this month, human remains were found in downstate Illinois near the Embarass River. It could be her. God Bless the family.

  11. Even though God has a reason for everything this sistuation is very unfortunate… I have never been so touched by one of these episodes… I'm gonna pray for spiritual uplifting in your family…

  12. I seen this story on First 48 Missing persons. This story has really touched me. After watchin the show I google her name to see if she made it home. I am in tears, this is so sad. My prayers are with the family. Please bring her home safe.

  13. I just saw the first 48 and im happy to see that others are informed and aware. As they also left comments today, March 29, 2012.I just couldnt watch the show end like that and was hoping that there was new good news. Im praying for her and God Bless her family and beautiful kids.

  14. It's just sad knowing plenty of people saw here that day bit are so busy with there lives they won't take the time to come forward…I see thousands of people walking…you gonna tell me that not one person saw her walking…people care to much about there own lives to take one second that could change everything

  15. It was her husband Who had sumthing to do with it . His story just dosnt add up .. He sure is playing the roll well posting up signs ect..

  16. 🙁 I watch these episodes faithfully.. And something about this story struck me. I'm saddened to hear that latasha

    has not been found. My prayers to out to her babies and family.

  17. I feel the parents may know more. Why would the mother start laughing when they wanted to search there home..

  18. Just finished watching the show as well. As others on here I also googled her name in hopes maybe she had been found. My heart breaks for those small children. Hopefully one day soon she will be found and reunited with her family. God bless all of you!

  19. God Bless her and the rest of her family especially her 3 beautiful children. I pray for her safe return and closure for her family.

  20. The clerk said that she wouldnt return when already been at the store 1 time/day.So why did she went there during the night for beer? weird yeah

  21. This is so sad. I agree with what someone said in the comment s search the abandoned homes! Thats one of first places I would hv looked. Also maybe someone had something against the husband and took it out on her. God bless her children and may she be found soon.

  22. I was thinking the same thing.he didn't seem too right.Her father seemed fishy too.They know something.I used to live in thy area and somebody is always outside I know somebody seen something

  23. Victor, you are so smart! You should be a detective! Do you really think the CPD has enough time to search EVERY abandon house?? Do you know how many man hours this would take? There are so many abandon houses and they can't just go into houses as they please. Those houses have owners and they would need a warrant for each and every one of them. Not gonna happen.


  25. I believe she is alive. She is securing a solid base to later retrieve her children. I am always rite with these cases .people call me the prophet and i laugh and say im just lucky.

  26. we never see first 48 in our hometown but when i seen this it touched me more than any other first 48. my prayers go out to her kids and fam.

  27. I saw this on First 48 last night. I am praying for a safe return for this beautiful mother and wife. I was also confused by the way her parents were acting, but I'm sure we didn't see everything that went on. I also will pray for her family.

  28. Praying for her safe return. How does someone just vanish like that. I pray her children ate safe and protected.

  29. just saw the show my first thought was she meet somebody in her class and started a new life

  30. I think theres a good possibility that she met someone from school and shes just walked away from everyone to start ober with someone new. I mean her daughter was already living with her mother. Probably just made excuse to leave the house that night. Cut through that lot to meet up with someone and left. No one in family is very bromen up over it. Doesnt sound like she was close to any of them

  31. This is so awful… I hate to say but I do not think this girl will be found alive.

  32. You are a ignorant ass person. Instead of saying words of encouragement, you say she was raped in the woods by someone doing a gang initiation. Keep that type of shit to yourself. Your comment was neither amusing or helpful to anyone. Pray for this woman to be found safely and returned to her family.

  33. In the mighty name of Jesus i pray that this woman returns to her family safe this is a tragedy that happens to much please lord help her and her family…..jb

  34. Anyone from that area have any updates. This case stuck out in my head since it aired and I'm constantly checking for the latest information. I pray that she is safe and will return to her family. God's will.

  35. Praying for her safe return and for the peace and comfort of her family.

  36. I'm glad you said that..I thought the same thing. Not sure if it was the editing, but no emotion from the mother whatsoever. And what about her cell phone? Did they check to see if they could find a signal from it?

  37. Just watched this show & I'm with the others who think the parents acted strangely, especially when the father pointed out the woods and commented if someone were going to hide something, it would be in those woods…as a Mother of 3 adult children, I would have had those trees sawed down by the time the investigators got there…maybe it's just a bizarre time and everyone acts differently in times of stress, but just seemed odd and detached…doesn't look hopeful they'll find her alive…I just don't buy that she met someone & walked away; she was at her Mom's house every morning to fix her daughter's hair and send her off to school; that's not the traits of a Mother tired of the responsibility of her children…it's so touching to see so many people saying prayers for her…may the Lord bless this family & bring Latashia home safe and sound…& God Bless to all who pray for her & the family…

  38. May God and Saint Anthony watch over you Latashia Nevitt! For you will be found safely and returned to your children. I pray for you and your family.

  39. And she just left her 3 children for a classmate to start a new life with?! Just a stupid comment.

  40. It's a cowardly troll… just ignore them. Thank goodness the law is now finding their IP's and putting them in jail… 🙂

  41. I seriously doubt it… she would need a new SSN (which they don't just hand out willy-nilly) and a job (for which she would need an SSN – unless she was working cash in hand (and we know what type of work that is) which would hardly be a “solid base”).

    My initial feeling is that to survive she would have had to have turned to illegal measures – and as such, is either in a great deal of danger – or resting with the angels… I hope I'm wrong too…

  42. Why would they need a warrant for ABANDONED homes, as Victor said?

  43. Parents! Point blank they are too suspicious! May we all be wrong and she be found alive! IN JESUS NAME

  44. I just watched the show as well, I'm really upset she's not found yet. I am hoping she is found soon..

  45. Agree with all of you. I just saw it now and as many of you said, this touched me. Obviously, as I am here seeking to see if there is any news. I agree the parents acted very strangely. Most moms would be crying, acting desperate. This mom laughed several times, and didn't seem upset/sad/scared/. She resisted showing the house. My parents would have said absolutely if they thought it might help. That is very odd and I'm sure the investigators still have a hard time believing the parents know nothing. The other thing that really struck me is that the eldest daughter was also smiling and very calm. Were I her age and my mom was missing, I'd be very sad and worried. Something is up. I pray she is found and just trying to resettle, but…I doubt it.

  46. Just watched the show and I do believe in my heart that something terrible has happened to her. I pray that I'm wrong and that she is safe and alive. The mother did seem pretty strange when the detectives wanted to search. Just my personal opinion. If my daughter was missing, there wouldn't be any room for smiles and giggles! May God be with this Family for the kids sake. I pray that she's alive

  47. I watched this episode & was waiting for them to say at the end she'd been found. 🙁

  48. I would think that the owners of those abandon houses wouldn't have an issue with the police checking so maybe they wouldn't need as many warrants. As long as the owners have nothing to hide that is. I hope she is found,this must be horrible for her family and loved ones.

  49. I am a regular viewer of the first 48 but have never googled someone in hopes there is an update with good news. God bless you and your family latashia. Maybe investigators should seek the help of a psychic. At this point it couldn't hurt.

  50. Ur scum of the earth maybe u should get raped,i hope her and her family is ok.

  51. I too stayed up til 2 am, watching this episode. Hoping to hear she is found.

  52. I just watched the re-airing of Latasha Nevitt's episode on The First 48: Missing Persons. I hope the woman is found, but I found it very weird that she would walk 10 blocks for beer at 9:30 at night. Why would she do that? She just put herself at risk for anything to happen to her. That was a sad episode.

  53. I dont underdtand why the investigators never gave the dad og latasha a polygraph test too because HE seemed fishy to me, especially when hes pointing at the woods saying how those woods would be whete someone would hide a body, then in the SAME PLACE her scent is picked up by the dog.ANYONE AGEEE WITH ME???

  54. Seriously if I would have already seen the show I would of stopped her

  55. I agree that there seems to be so much missing from this story. A lot that just doesn't make sense. I' d like to see a lot more done to get to more answers for us viewers. Maybe even another show that tells us more of the story, like “Disappeared” or “Find Our Missing”. I think I will go to the websites of these shows so they can get involved. I can't help keep thinking about this story since I watched it last night on “The First 48”. I also agree that her dad needs to be polygraphed and the mom seemed so emotionless. I would be searching high and low for a missing loved one.

  56. I'm not saying the husband did it – but, boy, the show “the First 48” has it where I wouldn't be surprised if he did. And the detectives came off as dumb. The husband came off as lying. The story makes no sense.

    I saw the show and have problems with the detective work. (Yes, I understand I only saw the show, and not actually what went on in real life.)

    First, cell phone carriers often keep text messages well after someone deletes them from their phone. So, if the husband texted her that night (like he says he did), and had it so his phone deleted all of the messages automatically after a few hours, (which he says he did) the police should be able to contact the carrier and at least see if there was actual texting between the parties and at what time – if not the actual content of the messages. (SEE former Mayor Kwaume Kilpatrick and his mistress several years after the text messaging) This was never tried by the police, just a call the carrier to check the automatic text deleting function of the phone. (Which, if you know anything about smart phones you know they can do that – duh!!)

    My second concern, why did the husband lie about only having one facebook account, when he had a “real one” with only one friend – and then his more commonly used, de facto one one.

    My third concern, is that abusive husbands often say deny they are abusive (like this one did) even though relatives and friends say he is (they did). Like an abusive husband, he said to the police “Our relationship is fine, until third parties get involved in it” – which sounds like an abusive husband.

    My fourth concern is how the husband was no longer a suspect by the CPD after he passed a lie detector test. What little I know, is that people can pass a lie detector test while they are lying, through several means (sophisticated understanding of how it works, mind games, getting heart rate low, drugs, etc). Look it up online people, they are not fool proof – which is why courts don't allow their results to be disclosed to a jury.

    My fifth point is the husbands story, if true, is hard to believe. As a preface, I am injecting race into this since American black women are more likely to disappear than other women, most crime is intra-racial, (disproportionly high for black on black crimes, to boot) missing black women get much less attention from the media and police (and society at large) and (as a American white man) I am under the perception that most American black girls/women of a certain age and minimal IQ level are vividly aware of this.

    That said, this pretty, black female lived to be 30 and raise 3 kids but, according to the husband, did something that appears to not seem prudent, to say the least. So, according to the husband, she decided to walk 1 mile or so and back, to the liquor store at 9 at night in the dead of winter, in a poor, rough, black neighborhood of _____. (“far south side” was all the show said. I don't know, Pullman? Englewood, if that's considered “far” South. The show showed signs for 55, which lost me when it said “far south side” along with it.) at 9:00pm where she knew part of the route would be dimly lit. She did NOT bring an ID with her, (look at her photo) even though she could pass for well under her age of 30. And the husband was fine with letting her go by herself or didn't try to stop her.

    Maybe this really happened, but I have a hard time believing the story without knowing more facts.

  57. I just got done leaving a comment I thought may have been inappropriate (pointing the finger at the husband – and he might not have done it), but your comment makes mine look safe! How dare you make those assumptions! Do you know something we don't? If not, that's quite ignorant and disrespectful to suggest she'd just leave her kids for some dude and not tell anyone. Your comment of “no one in family is very bromen (sic) up over it. Doesnt sound like she was close to any of them” is not only wrong, but seems malicious!


  59. My first thought: I think the husband is a drug dealer or into drugs and someone he owed money to or pissed off that was dangerous taught him a lesson by taking her and killing her. First he says 'everybody knows me and wouldnt mess with her” oh ya? how come? because hes somebody with some power prob bc of drug dealing connections and hes sure no one would take her in that neighborhood where shes well known. Second, he says “he does smoke” (what? weed, crack?) he looks twitchy in the interviews at the house and his eyes have the characteristic crack look.
    My second thought would be shes afraid of him and ran off with her parents covering it up. I mean theyre already taking care of her kid and if he is abusive as admitted in the episode, she may have feared leaving him for another man (since he 'no one would mess with her cause they know him' – doesnt it seem odd how sure he seemed of this? sounds like a man who has connections to violent people ie drugs. I think its odd she wouldnt take the kids but IF she did run off I think she felt her parents would take care of the kids. Doesnt it seem odd that her parents arent AT ALL crying or all that concerned. They seem ho-hum about her going missing

  60. One more thing, question: he deleted the texts or 'they got deleted' ok fine but i HAVE SPRINT and I know that with a court order they can supoena the text message records which are stored by Sprint. I have asked for them before as a legal professional and gotten that response from Sprint. How come they police didnt do this? maybe they did….

  61. parents often pick up daughters and move them to safe places to get away from scary men, my friends mother did this for her and she just up and left. in this case in a small community the parents didnt want to be threatened by the father and may have hid her…

  62. you know if someone is a drug user their elevated emotional levels can throw off the baseline and skew the test….

  63. When did a missing person become an act of racial profiling. Some of you are so narrow minded and ignorant. My prayers are with latashia's family

  64. All the circumstances around her disapperance is really bizzar, the husband, the parents, two trips to the store, the oldest daughter comments. I pray that she is found safe and sound!!! We always think these things couldn't happen to us. You never know!!!

  65. i watched the show weeks ago and i was very upset to see that she was not found it actually made me cry i google her name atleast once a week to see if they foud her i pray that they find her safe and alive and dont want to believe that they will find a dead body even though i kno it would hurt the family and alot of the viewers like me and others who care but we would also feel at ease i am a mother and i would never just leave my child even if i did get help from my parents to run away i would have a plan for me and my children to be safe and i would have went to the police who would have found me and my child or children a womans shelter out of state somewhere i am praying for you latasha nevitt and i hope justice is found in your case i will continue to check up on your story because my heart can not be at peace until i know justice have been found rather its you alive or god forbid your dead body

  66. God bless ur family Latashia & I hope u return alive & well especially for your kids!

  67. Kat in Chi – How true you are. I can't believe this was broadcast on TV and there's not an outrage at the horrible police work. I suspect her hubby may “know” more than he said.

  68. I agree with you… Her parents seemed very strangely detached. The only time the mother seemed upset is when they did the DNA test; however, people do act strangely when faced with tragedy or grief so I'm not going to put the blame on anyone there. I do feel that they may have hidden her somewhere safe as well, but I doubt she would just up and leave her twin babies. Such a sad case and really stuck with me as well. I also agree with the person that said perhaps someone was mad at her husband and took it out on her. That seems to happen a lot. Hopefully not the case for this beautiful, beloved mommy.

  69. I honestly think that she is alive, but had no other way to get away from her husband …
    Her mother said he was abusive and she doesn't seems worried at all, so maybe she started a life where else…

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