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Ayla Reynolds: Blood found in home belongs to toddler

The blood that was found in the basement of the home where missing Ayla Reynolds was living has been confirmed to be Ayla’s.

On Sunday, an official said that some of the blood found in the Maine home  belonged to the little girl.

Steve McCausland, State Police spokesman would not say how much of Ayla Reynolds’ blood was found in the home in Waterville, Maine.

On the website run by the family they posted the following message:

“We are posting this statement regarding the accounts in the media Saturday.  State Police investigators informed us that evidence had leaked to the press regarding blood found at the scene of Ayla’s disappearance and that they were prepared to confirm the story.  What they were unwilling to confirm to the press, but left to our discretion, is that it has already been determined to be Ayla’s blood.  They also stated to us that it is “more blood than a small cut would produce.”  Even in light of this evidence we are more determined than ever to find out what has happened to Ayla and we still cling to the hope that she is alive and will be returned to us.  We urge anyone that has information about Ayla to come forward now and unburden ourself of the truth.”

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