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Thoughts on the Baby Lisa Case

I watched the Dr. Phil show with Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, the parents of missing Baby Lisa from Kansas City, Missouri on Friday.

Back on February 2,  I wrote about Bradley saying, “I’m not going to sit on TV until now, when I’m being asked this specific question, and rebuttal it, because it’s just taking my words apart,” and how it was a confusing statement and maybe it would make more sense when the show aired. Well, it didn’t.

Bradley was asked by Dr. Phil if the lights were left on or not and after the whole interview I realized she never really answered the question, except for the nonsensical sentence I just quoted above. The sentence makes no sense, it sounded evasive, the grammar is off and do you know what that means?  It is one of the signs of someone lying.

But, there could be another explanation.  Have you seen the video that came out the day before the Dr. Phil show with Bradley standing at the door and talking with a reporter.  Take a close look at her eyes.  The pupils are tiny dots.  Add to that she is very talkative, and relaxed and unlike how we have seen her in the past, I can’t help wonder if I am seeing effects of her anxiety medication that she says she takes.  Benzodiazepine’s are usually prescribed for depression and include, but not limited to Diazepam, Clonazepam, Librium, Lorazepam, Valium and Xanax to name a few.

As I watched the show, I believed Bradley when she says she does not know Megan Wright, and, as pointed out by her attorney, Joe Tacopina, Megan Wright says she doesn’t know her either.

I found it very interesting when Bradley talked about the cadaver hitting in the bedroom.

“Nothing is missing from my bedroom where this supposed cadaver dog hit happened. They did not take a thing from my room. That carpet everyone has seen came from a barn in the back of the house. So if a cadaver dog hit, why is there no evidence?”

I know this to be true information, because back on October 24,  I wrote (read here) about the clip where attorney Cynthia Short was inside the room and she pointed out then, that the carpet was still there and it had not been removed.  There was not even a piece of it that had been taken out.  So, if a dog hit there, and the police state there was a cadaver dog hit, then why in the world wouldn’t the police take the carpet?  Was their a cadaver dog hit or was it a scare tactic by the police?  Did another dog go back and rule out the first dog?  Was the original dog taken back and he did not hit again, and the police never did a retraction?

The attorney, Joe Tacopina said that the dog hit on a dirty diaper.  I have searched high and low and have not found one bit of information that collaborates what he is saying. Dogs are mostly trained with a synthetic dead smell.  Most of us know what death smells, like.  We all know a dirty diaper does not smell like death.  For him to perpetuate the myth is not only aggravating, it shows him sliding on his profession.  A trained attorney, preparing to go to court, would know exactly, through extensive research, if a dog would hit on a dirty diaper.

This is also why I believe that the family is NOT paying Tacopina any money for his legal help.  I do not believe that a “paid” attorney would go on record saying the things that Tacopina is saying without anything to back it up.

With that said, do cadaver dogs make mistakes?  The stats on them being correct is very high, although not 100 percent.   A Cadaver dog needs to be taught not to alert on non-human decomposition, BUT, Cadaver dogs are only as good as their handler.  They must be trained frequently.  If the dog gives an alert, and for numerous reasons the handler misreads it or doesn’t read it at all, it will be wrongly reported.  Handler’s can  inadvertently cue the dog, without even realizing it.  There are even cases where a dog will give a hit for a treat, if not properly trained.

Add, that an alert from a Cadaver dog is reasonable suspicion, meaning “particularized and objective basis for suspected legal wrongdoing.”  The dogs alert would have to be corroborated by evidence or comparability.  Authorities know this, so why did the KCPD bring in another dog?

“The reliability and accuracy of the dog’s signals may be enhanced if at least two or more trained cadaver dog/handler teams are used independently and at one crime scene.  The teams are then able to compare the dog’s signaling behavior.  This process would lend additional support during the presentation of the findings of cadaver dogs in a court of law,”  according to a study done by L. Oestehelweg in 1998.

There is one case where they said a woman was dead because the dog hit on a night stand.  Turned out the woman was found alive.  The hit was caused because the night stand was previously owned by a man that had died.

According to “No, your Friend cannot do Magic” by Liz Burne, she brings up that Sulfur Dioxide, can impair the dogs sense of smell.  My research leads me to finding that Sulfur Dioxide is found with decomposing bodies AND is used as a preservative in fruit and in the making of wine; and what was Bradley drinking that night?

So is Bradley lying?

I think she is full of shame and guilt and just plain doesn’t remember because of the anxiety pills and alcohol.  Which would account for never getting an answer about the lights being on.  She really doesn’t remember, but doesn’t want to say, she doesn’t remember.  Xanax and Alcohol would cause memory loss, and an overdose would cause someone to sleep so deeply that it becomes almost impossible to awaken them.

I don’t think, and I know I am going out on a limb by saying this, and I will be the scorn of thousands of people who will feel the need to point out how totally wrong I am, BUT, I do not believe that Bradley killed her child, nor do I believe she is in a conspiracy with anyone else either.

I do think that Bradley acts compulsively and immaturely, but I don’t believe she hurt baby Lisa.  I believe that she was happy with her home life, but suffering from general anxiety, nothing that would be a motivation to hurt her baby.  I think Bradley would have been too intoxicated from the combination of anti-depressants and alcohol to be able to carry out such a complicated act, of hiding a body.

I also believe, because of her immaturely, she quit talking to the police, not realizing, and still not realizing how detrimental that would be in hindering help in finding her child.  She is angry at the police and she is too immature to get over it and work with them to help find her child.  She continues to react immature by believing that all the hard questions the police asked her were accusatory in nature.  Maybe they were, but so be it.  Taking cover and pouting is not how to handle the situation.  It’s as though if you are not 100 percent on Bradley’s side, she will have nothing to do with you.  I can only imagine what the Dr. Phil producers had to say to her to convince her to come on the show.

I think that someone saw that Jeremy Irwin’s van was gone, maybe even knew he was working that night, went into the house looking for something to take, took the phones and then saw baby Lisa.  Baby Lisa could have even been awake.  The suspect could have heard her, and thought she might wake up Bradley or the kids and was stalled at the crib long enough to come up with the idea of selling baby Lisa.  Some uneducated, totally emotionally polluted individual that was probably “high” on something, could have compulsively took Lisa to sell, without thinking the whole thing through.  Then was left wandering the streets trying to figure out what to do next.  This would also account for the witness seeing a man walking down the street with a baby late at night.

Whether they were able to sell her, or if the individual wandered the streets for several hours before cruelly, leaving the baby somewhere, I don’t know.  But, if they did end up selling her or giving her away, I don’t believe that Lisa is here in the U.S. anymore.  If I was one of this trio, whose says their motivation to appear on Dr. Phil is to bring awareness, I wouldn’t stop at the Dr. Phil show, I would go internationally and hit talk shows in Canada and Mexico and overseas, too, making sure everyone knew there was a reward.

If baby Lisa is alive, and still out there, someone, somewhere, because of the large reward, will talk.

If you want to see what Dr. Phil said about the interview after the show, click here.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Baby Lisa Case

  1. Wow. I agree that this mom is very immature and could be feeling guilty because she knows it was wrong for her to get loaded and pass out when she should have been caring for her kids. Your theory about baby Lisa being sold- wow, sick but possible. Thanks for your insight.

  2. I agree, Deb Bradley did not kill her baby. The one thing I disagree with you on is why she isn't talking to police. I don't think it's from being immature and angry, so much as it is just petrified that they will arrest her. I know that part of LE's job is to press hard on the parents in an attempt to get information…however, considering that Deb already had anxiety issues and was dealing with the horrendous news that someone had stolen her baby, their pressing was even harder on her than the “average” parent going through this type of horror.
    I also think it's obvious that the person that took that child had some sort of link to Megan, but I don't think Megan had anything to do with the kidnapping. It's obviously someone that has either used Megan's phone in the past, or has ties to someone that has used Megan's phone.
    I think the reason that the three cell phones were taken along with the baby was an attempt to delay Deb from contacting LE, should she wake up before the kidnapper got away. I imagine the phones were taken from the counter before the baby was picked up.
    So where IS the baby? It's wishful thinking on my part, I guess, but I hope she'll be found living with some very wealthy couple that couldn't conceive, but also weren't eligible for adoption due to something in the past or something along those lines.

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