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Eight missing persons from one small area in Texas

Rodney Stokley
Patricia Small

UPDATE:  New article about the missing in Montgomery and Liberty County.  You can read it here.

Update:  Since starting this post, three more people have been added to the list.  If you know of anyone missing in this area, that should be added, please let us know.

Update:  I got an post from Barbara Jo Collins Green reminding me about Ali Lowitzer who was last seen on Low Ridge Road, Spring, Texas on April 26. 2010.

I received an email from Helen Harriman-Oliver, who wanted to show me some interesting facts she found on some cases in Texas.  Here is what Helen said,

There is a MP that I have on my news search list that I wasn’t sure if you had listed, so I went to the blog and looked through Texas missing.  She (Patricia Marie Small–see below) doesn’t seem to be on your list.  But, as I was scrolling through those you did have listed, I found a comment you had made that has also has been bothering me. 

Ali Lowitzer

Your comment: “For a little town, like Cleveland with a population under 8,000, two people missing, especially two people living only blocks from each other is unusual.  Also, Larry and Rodney knew each other, which is the case in small towns.  Rodney went to the store where Larry worked and they also did community service together and Rodney was last seen on Wells Road off Plum Grove Road, near where Larry lived.  Is it a coincidence or a connection?”

Larry Baker

The list that I have accumulated from that relatively small geographic area is, combined with what you have listed:

1)  05-11-2002: Patricia Marie Small, missing from Liberty, TX on May 11, 2002 Facebook page

Lori Boffman

 2)  08-05-2006: Lori Boffman, b/f, 45 y/o, Girard, Liberty Township, TX

3) 01-22-2008:  Rodney Stokley, a 19-year-old who went missing, in 2008 from Cleveland, Texas.

4)  02-04-2008: Cynthia Washington, b/f, 44 y/o, Dayton, Liberty County, TX

Cynthia Washington

5) 01-29-2010: Larry Baker, who has been missing from his home on 400 Co. Rd. 325 Plume Grove Rd.,  Cleveland, Texas since January 29, 2010

TJ Murray

6) 04-26-2010:  Alexandria Joy Lowitzer, 16 at the time from Spring, Texas.

7) 10-19-2011: TJ Murray, 24, a student at Sam Houston State University last seen  leaving a sports bar called On The Rocks on Sawdust Road near the Woodlands in Spring, Texas.
Edwin Rogers

8) 12-30-2011: Edwin Clark Rogers, 62 from Tarkington, Liberty County Texas.

As an example of how sparsely populated this area is, Liberty County has a population of just over 70,000, although Houston is just to the southwest.

Helen sent an image that she put together showing how close all eight of these missing persons are, that you can see below.

What do you think?  Are these cases related?


11 thoughts on “Eight missing persons from one small area in Texas

  1. there is something going on for there to be this many people missing it like 40 my family live in Montgomery county Texas and Livingston Tx crazy

  2. I think a more relevant thing to look at would be population density of the area not how close they are geographically. I am from Texas and not to familiar with the area, but I do know that when you start to get close to the major cities like DFW and Houston towns start to run together and it seems like one big city, but it may be 4 separate towns with their own populations… bet it isn't as sparsely populated as you are making it out to be.

  3. There is a connection with the highway between the missing 8. No bodies found is making it tuff to figure if this is actually connected. The range of the victims stats suggest cult or ritual killings. This also could include small gang initiation killings. Otherwise we are faced with a “new” unsub that most likely has been killing for a while and this happens to be where the killer resides now after many years of killing. The in depth profile of each victim is needed. This will uncover a link if there is actually a link. I propose an in depth profile of each victims entire life leading up to the date gone missing. This will eliminate or ignite the case.

  4. yes I believe they are connected. Its someone probably living in the surrounding areas. Profile white maile in early 30 or 40's either in the lime light or a loner. Pretty much the ususal profile. Maybe the guy next door. Sex offender possibly or someone who has alot of land and no one ever goes out there.

  5. If you use the geography mapping that the FBI profilers use on Criminal Minds, then the MPs form a triangle. That would suggest that the perpetrator, if the cases are connected, lives in the middle of the triangle. Just a thought.

  6. You guys really need to lay off on the Criminals Minds talk. You are not profilers, detectives, or law enforcement officials. I am not saying that these cases aren't connected, but this talk of the “unsub” is getting kind of silly. This isn't a role-playing game. None of this suggests “cult or ritual killings” or even “gang initiations.” You guys don't even know if they are alive or not. Stop pretending to be on Criminal Minds… I think it is really inappropriate.

  7. Most crimes are solved due to information provided outside of Law Enforcement. People need to step up to the plate and speak up!

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