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I scream bologna, Josh Powell was not sorry

Susan Powell
A photo of a family, that is no more

First to Alina Powell….shut up!  How dare you try to justify Josh’s actions by saying he was crushed alive, harassed and abused.

I woke up this morning to read that Josh Powell left a voice mail for family members.  The recording was played on Good Morning America today (hear it on the video below) and he said, “I’m sorry to everyone I’ve hurt, goodbye.”

How does Powell think an apologize relieves him from the blame of killing his own children.  He flings the I’m sorry’s around like a child that is told to say, “Say your sorry.”  It holds no weight.   He didn’t mean a word.

Powell also said, “I am not able to live without my sons, and I’m not able to go on anymore.”

Powell’s last act makes it perfectly clear that he truly was the monster most thought he was.

Like many, I am searching for a motive.  The way these poor boys died, was not mercifully, which led me to believe he was angry with them.  After some more consideration, I believe that he was actually jealous of the relationship that the boys had with their maternal grandparents, the Coxes.  Josh wanted these boys totally for himself and when circumstances changed that he now had to share them, and the boys seemed okay with it, in his mind they were traitors.  He couldn’t bear it anymore.  He was sending a message to the Coxes, ‘If I can’t have them, you can’t have them.”’s a sobering fact, every six to eight weeks a man or a woman kills their partner or their children and then themselves.  Most of these stories, we only hear about the murder after the fact.  Because we have been following the Powell story from the beginning, and have sympathy for the Powell brothers, we can’t help but feel emotional about this one.  I just hope that Susan is found, so she can be laid to rest next to her precious boys.

2 thoughts on “I scream bologna, Josh Powell was not sorry

  1. Awww, was the poor baby Joshie sorry? No one gives a sh*t. The only ones anyone have ever cared about are Susan and those boys. I agree 100% with you if Josh couldn't have those babies, no one could. It was the same with Susan. I'm sure she was tired of his disgusting abuse and his nasty creepy dirty old dad and was gonna leave. But he wouldn't allow it. You didn't love Susan or your sons, Josh. You don't kill the ones you love. You should have killed yourself alone. No one would have cared. But you had to take Susan and those baby boys, people actually cared about them and I guess you couldn't stand that.

  2. You're so right about Alina Powell. She does need to SHUT UP!!! She supported Josh and if anyone was harrassed it was the Cox family and it was all because of the DISGUSTING POWELL FAMILY!


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