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Jane Doe possibly from Arkansas

El Dorado Jane Doe is the name given to an unidentified woman and identity thief estimated to be between eighteen and thirty years of age who was murdered on July 10, 1991 in El Dorado, Arkansas in the Whitehall Motel.

Her identity is unknown mostly because she used several aliases throughout the years prior to her death. Authorities have determined that she resided in the Dallas, Texas region; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Little Rock, Arkansas before she died.


Police found a Bible in her room. There were several names in it: Willie James Stroud, Sharon Yvette Stroud, Ladonna Elaine Stroud, Johnny Lee Stroud, Viola Elizabeth Ross Stroud, Donna Jean Stroud, Bobbie Joan Stroud and Willie James Dantzler Sr. They subsequently found that this was a Black family in Irving, Texas and believe that she lived with the family for a while. At some time she was arrested in Dallas and Houston with the aliases: “Cheryl Wick”, “Sharon Wiley”, “Kelly Carr” and “Mercedes”.


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  1. There is an entire story behind this woman. She herself was abducted by a registered sex offender at a young age. The guy ran her over with a car and killed her. He then went to her son's school and kidnapped him, and they haven't been seen since. She worked as a prostitute. No one knows her real name because know one knows where she was abducted from. It may now be Arkansas

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