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Day: February 10, 2012

Kenneth Clampitt: Missing man from Indiana Found

UPDATE:  Police have found the body of a Clampitt. Authorities say they him nearly half a mile away from his family’s Lindermayer Road home in Underwood, Indiana on Friday night.  The ME will determine the cause of death. Kenneth Roger Clampitt, 41, who lives on Lindermayer Road in Underwood, Indiana is missing. Police say that […]

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LIndsey Baum: Video of person of interest released by police

UPDATE 6/21/21 – The Grays Harbor Police have arrested Paul Bicker and charged with rape, kidnapping, burglary, felony harrassment and stealing a car in connection with the 2003 case of a teen after DNA evidence linked him.    Now they are investigating him to see if there is a connection with the Lindsey Baum case. […]

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