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LIndsey Baum: Video of person of interest released by police

UPDATE 6/21/21 – The Grays Harbor Police have arrested Paul Bicker and charged with rape, kidnapping, burglary, felony harrassment and stealing a car in connection with the 2003 case of a teen after DNA evidence linked him.    Now they are investigating him to see if there is a connection with the Lindsey Baum case.  He was living in the area when Lindsey disappeared.  The teen he abducted was driven to the same area where Lindsey’s body was found.  Luckily, the teen ws able to escape, but the man was never found.  The DNA found on the teen was submitted for genealogy testing a few months ago and it came back to a list of possible suspects, which led them to Bicker.  They took his DNA that he had discarded and it matched to the DNA found on the teen.

Lindsay Baum’s body found

Original Story 2012:  Grays Harbor sheriff’s office have located two women that were seen talking to a person of interest in the case of missing Lindsay Baum.

Authorities did not release the video to the public before this, but decided to do so in order to find the women.

The man that is seen in the video says he was no where near McCleary, and the video shows he was. In the video, I think he is saying something like hello to the woman that walks up next to him, and then something else, like possibly have a nice day, when he left.  What do you think he is saying?  It also looks like he bought a bag of chips and maybe a drink, but he seems to be carrying a police scanner, and he has fire on the back of his shirt.

9 thoughts on “LIndsey Baum: Video of person of interest released by police

  1. I dont' know JD but I am wondering why he was looking at that white car so many times…. the one that backed up and left.

  2. No real guesses on what he's saying but he sure is nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. What many of us wouldn't give to be able to follow him out of that store… that combined with the fact he lied about being in the area. Isn't that enough for a warrant of some sort to search his property and records of other places he may have been? Or has that been done, perhaps?
    Praying for Lindsey and her family since day one here in Michigan.

  3. Same here, Janet. It's good to see they are still doing whatever they can and keeping her in the public eye.

  4. The man in the video appears to say or imply “this free?”. He takes something. In addition to his purchase of chips. May have been a free item,paper or brochure ect.
    The item he held in his hand looked like a slingshot at first glance.
    His hair did not look natural. Maybe he is wearing a hat on backwards or skull cap.
    He had a watch or bracelet on his left wrist.
    Wire frame glasses.

  5. Forgot to add–volunteer fire depts. carry radios and that's what they look like. They can pick up Fire & LEO radio traffic.

    The smart thing here is to hone in on the department decals on the shirt and check the local vollie stations. Hopefully the Feds figured that out already. Just sayin…

  6. Mason County Fire District #13…it's in ELma, just under 10 miles from McCleary. That was pretty darn easy/sarcasm, why couldn't the LEOs have done that?

  7. So, here is some more info, they have searched this guys car and home and found nothing. I think it's the fact he said he wasn't there when he was that is making the police want to talk to these woman that saw him there. Are they looking for more confirmation from the women that it is him that was there so they have probable cause?

  8. I am confused why LE waited so long to release this video? The chances of me remembering details from a random encounter that long ago would be very slim, whether I was one of the two women or just someone outside that night.

  9. It's too bad there were not any video from outside the store (although I find that hard to believe given the money spent on the video equiptment inside), they might have been able to see what kind of car or is anyone was in the car with him. I wonder if they have checked around other stores, etc., in the area that may have captured the outside of the store on that day. Let's hope they did…

    Mary L. Bay Area, CA.

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