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Zamari Oliver: Missing baby from Missouri Found

UPDATE:  Zamari has been located safe in St. Louis on Saturday.  Collins has been arrested. 

Police are searching for a missing 11-month-old baby and his babysitter.

Zamari Oliver was dropped off at his babysitters home at 6210 Tyndall in Berkeley, Missouri on Friday morning, by is mother.  When she came back to pick him up at 5:00 p.m., both he and the babysitter were gone.

Tamara Collins, 30, was last seen driving her gray 2004 Honda CRV on Garylord in Jennings, Missouri.  The baby was not seen with her at the time.

Zamari is 28 pounds, 26 inches tall with black hair, brown eyes and a birthmark on the right side of his stomach.  He was wearing a red Nike Jordan cap, black Nike Jordan shirt, grey-colored coat with COOGI on the back and blue jeans and black Nike tennis shoes.

Collins is 5’1″ tall, 1180 pounds, black hair and brown eyes, she was seen driving her Honda with temporary tags.

If you have any information or see them, please call the Berkely Police Dept. at 314-524-3311.

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