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Maria Carlsen: Missing from Indiana Body found

UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the police have said that prescription pills were found at the scene and that Maria committed suicide.

UPDATE:  As of noon Thursday, Lt. Christopher Thompson said via cellphone that Maria Carlsen’s body was located near the roadside.

UPDATE:  A body has been found Lake County near where Maria went missing, near U.S. 12 and Ivanhoe Road.

The police have released no further information at this time.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. responded to a well-being check at the home of Maria Carlsen in North Barrington, Indiana when her husband in Boca Raton, Florida had not heard from her.

Maria was planning on a trip to the families vacation home in Florida and had checked with her husband and daughter the day before to let them know she was coming, but when the limo arrived at her home in North Barrington on Tuesday she did not answer the door or answer her phone.

When the Sheriff’s dept. checked on her, they found all the doors locks and no sign of a break in.  Inside the home, authorities found her cellphone and the jacket she wears every day according to her family.  Her purse and BMW were not found.

Later that day, Mari’s car was found at a parking lot ousted J&D bar and Grill on Route 12.  Police determined that the car was left there between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

The owner of J&D Bar and Grill said he didn’t not see Maria in the bar and that he closed up early because there were not many customers and went home with his daughter.  When he came back the following day, the Maria’s car was parked in the middle of the lot.

There has been no activity on Mari’s credit cards or bank account.

Maria is 5’4″ tall and 115 pounds.  She has brown eyes and brown hair with red highlight.

If you have any information please call 847-377-4250.

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