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Matt Hoff: Missing from California


The police have said that Matthew was arrested on suspicion of possession of narcotics at the 1600 block of South Standard Avenue near Edinger Avenue in Santa Ana.

Matt Hoff, 18, who suffers from severe psychiatric illness is missing after he was released from jail on Friday in Orange County California.

Matt’s parents said he was diagnosed when he was 5 and “aged out” of a children’s mental health residential program recently, and he has been on the streets since then. 

“His illness has gotten rapidly worse since he turned 18,” said his father.  Matt has been in the emergency room three times and arrested twice.

Matt Hoff, 18, was released at 4am on Friday, Feb. 17, without notification of his parents, who recently became his co-conservators, his family says.

He has been missing ever since, with no money, phone or medication.

Although Matt has been on the streets since he got out of the residential facility, he would call home, but they have not heard from him since Friday.

Matt is 5’10” tall and 140 pounds.  He has a tattoo of a Smurf character on his right forearm.

If you see him, please call the Orange County Dept. of Behavioral Health at 714-517-6353.

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