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Jerry Perdomo: Missing from Florida Found

Jerry Perdomo

Missing Person Florida Jerry Perdomo

UPDATE: A body believed to be missing Florida firefighter Jerry Perdomo was recovered from a wooded area in Maine today.  The body was found on land owned by relatives of Daniel Porter by a Maine game warden and his dog.

State police charged Daniel Porter in the death of Jerry Perdomo.  Spokesman Stephen McCausland of the Maine Public Safety Department said the 31-year-old Perdomo’s body had not been recovered and would not comment on how Perdomo was killed.  Further information will come out when the affidavit is filed.
“It was a drug-related homicide,” said McCausland. Porter could appear in court as early as Wednesday, he said.

UPDATE:  The police have talked to Porter and Nowak after a car dealer called and told them they had bought at car from him.  Rod Pelkey, a manager at Lee Credit Now, said  Porter and  Nowak bought a car sight unseen from an office in Bangor, then drove to Oakland on Tuesday to pick it up. One report says, he told them that they had come into his business and purchased a car with $5,000 and another report does not disclose how much money.   The couple was going to leave the old car at 2002 Mitsubishi at a Walmart parking lot, but instead left it at the dealership.

Then, a woman, who identified herself as “Lisa,” told a Florida television reporter for WESH that Jerry had been coming to Maine once a month for the past 10 months to visit her and he had been staying with her up until the night he disappeared, Feb. 16.  She also said the television crew that she did not know Perdomo was married until recently.

UPDATE: Police announced they want to question Daniel Porter, 24, and Cheyanne Nowak, 23 in connected to missing Jerry Perdomo.

Original Story

Jerry Perdomo, 31, was reportedly seen in Bangor, Maine on February 16, 2012  and has not been seen since.

Jerry is a firefighter from Orange City, Florida and he rented a car to drive to Maine to visit a friend.  His wife, Tonya, reported him missing on Sunday, when he didn’t show up for work.

Jerry’s rental car was spotted at the Walmart parking lot on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor.  Surveillance videos showed the vehicle was dropped off at the parking lot the same day it was found.  The police said they could not see who left the car in the video.

Jerry is 5’11” tall, 200 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.  If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call the Bangor Police Dept. at 207-947-7382.

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