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Kaylan Goodman: Missing Person from Oklahoma

Kaylan Goodman

Note:  On March 11, 2013, a 17-year-old Tulsa teen tells police that he was offered a ride by two people about the same age as he was while he was walking home from his new job.  Instead of dropping him off, they kept him in the car for 6-hours trying to convince him to join their magazine selling crew.  Read full story here.

UPDATE: According to the Houston Press, on February 29, 2012, Kaylan left her family after two days to rejoin a traveling magazine sales crew overseen by a man wanted by Colorado authorities on a drug-related warrant.

Kaylan’s grandmother said that Kaylan wanted to go back on the Lrumar Publications crew so she could be with a 29-year-old crew manager named Scott Biddle, who she described as her boyfriend. She’s believed to be in Kansas City.

UPDATE:  Kaylan has called her family, but whether she is coming home is not known for sure, as of Thursday evening.

According to her sister, Lorrie, who talked to KOCO News 5’s, Maggie Stokes, is that Kaylan called to talk to her family and told them that she was with a group of about 19 people and they were hiding.  Lorrie also said that Kaylan said, “I can’t leave. You don’t understand. They won’t let me go.”

Lorrie also said that Kaylan told her to stop the Facebook campaign and Twitter.

The Goodman family said they could hear a man’s voice in the background telling Kaylan what to say.

Scott Biddle

Then coincidentally, Chaplain Major Phillips with Operation Safehome, a group that rescue’s people from these magazine crews, was rescuing someone when that person told him about Kaylan.   The man told him that Kaylan and him were on the same crew.  Phillips called the police in Kingfisher, who in turn called the police in Fairmont City, Illinois.

Thursday morning, Kaylan had been picked up by the Illinois Police along with a male.  The Kingfisher Police Dept. stated:

“We are pleased to report that Kaylan Goodman was located late last night in Fairmont City, Illinois. We have verified her well-being through the Fairmont City Police Department and through a lengthy telephone conversation with her and our department. Kaylan has contacted her family. Thank You for the assistance we received from Steve Neuman and the OSBI, and all the other agencies who offered assistance and information. Thank you to everyone who shared our posts in our attempts to locate Kaylan. It helped tremendously!”

Story over, right?  Nope.  Kaylan was not reunited with he family, she and the male that she was with, were released.

Kevin Davis – one of many associated with Lrumar Pub.

Phillips who used to work for the magazine crews knows these groups and he knows they use peer pressure, violence and threats to control their people.  Known as  “magazine gypsies,” (magazine gypsy)  they travel all over the US selling magazine subscriptions to whoever they can.

John Donnelly, a reporter for myFox Houston was talking with the Goodman’s on Thursday, when a phone call came in from a man who said he was the owner of the company Kaylan was working for.  He said he was tired of the police, the publicity and would send Kaylan home, if the Goodman’s would send money for a ticket to Houston.

Let’s all cross our fingers that he follows through.

Previous story

Kaylan Leigh Ann Goodman, 18, has not been heard from since February 11, after she left Kingfisher, Oklahoma with a man who promised her a job selling magazines on January 24.

The police said the man has been identified as Scott Biddle, 29, and the magazine company is a sham company called Lrumar Publications and Lucretius Phocylides.   The groups are known as traveling “magazine gypsies.”

“Some of these organizations are pretty insidious.  They promise you things and you find out later that’s not the case,” said Kingfisher Police Chief Dennis Baker.

Kaylan quit her job unexpectedly, took her belongings from her apartment and left her truck behind.  She also had her mail rerouted to the magazine companies address, which is a PO box in Falcon, Colorado.

Kaylan’s parents reported her missing when on February 11, Kaylan’s Facebook page was shut down and her cell phone was turned off.

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call Bay City Police Dept. at 979-248-8500.

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