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Mark Rhineburger: Missing from Texas

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UPDATE 8/15/13 – The Liberty county Sheriff’s Office announced that the human remains found on Gladstell Road (CR322) on April 12, 2013 do not belong to Rodney Stokley, Larry Baker, Mark Rhineburger, Dennis Rogers, Edwin Rodgers, or Westley Moore.  The preliminary forensic tests show that the bones belong to a person who was Hispanic or “a similar popular description,” and was between the ages of 15 and 20 years old and 63.5 to 67 inches tall.

UPDATE:  New information has come out that missing Crosby, Texas man, Mark Larry Rhineburger, 39, had told the clerk at the Shell gas station where he was last seen that he felt someone was following him, reports Your Cleveland News.

Days before Mark went missing he also had became suspicious about people around his home.

On March 22, the sheriff came to a home on CR 2130 to talk to the residents about Mark’s disappearance, but the people would not come out of the house.

When they finally did come out, one of the three people turned out to be Joseph “JoJo” Brunson who was wanted for a felon.  The other two, a female and a male are also felons but not wanted by law enforcement.  The place was next door to where Kevin Boney lived (see below).  The three people that lived there refused to come out, but after a couple of hours, Brunson, did and was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Deputies said they questioned the man they went to the trailer to speak to, and that man led them to important evidence in Rhineberger’s disappearance. Investigators said they recovered Rhineburger’s cellular phone and some of his clothing near the trailer.

Kevin Boney

UPDATE:  On February  14 (date corrected per comment below- which led to more updates on this story), 2012, the police came to a home on CR 2130 in Romayor over a domestic dispute which lead to a standoff.  Kevin Boney, 34, had shot at his wife.  Boney was wearing body armor and armed with a high-power rifle and the SWAT team was called in and he surrendered.  Boney said he was Texas Militia.

Previous story:  Mark Larry Rhineburger, 39, from Crosby, Texas was last seen at the Shell gas station on FM2w100, Indian Shores subdivision on February 15, 2012 around 5:30 a.m.

Mark was driving a 2005, white 4-door Chevy pickup with a crew cab.  His truck was found on February 15, near County road 2148 in Liberty County near Romayor, Texas, near a trailer where police later went back to talk to the residents.  It was out of gas and had crashed into a dilapidated home near the Trinity River Bridge on FM 787 about a half-mile from CR 2148 in Romayor. Police are not sure if Mark had actually was the one driving the vehicle.

Six weeks later, Rhineburger’s jacket with his cellphone in the pocket was found a few miles away near a remote gravel pit, authorities said.  His daughter, Amanda, said when she last spoke to her father, he said he was meeting someone on his birthday, according to the Chron.

Mark is 5’10” tall, 170 pounds with brown eyes and black hair.

If you have any information, please call the Harris County Sheriff’s Dept. at 713-967-5824.

6 thoughts on “Mark Rhineburger: Missing from Texas

  1. This story is NOT correct! Boney was booked into Liberty County jail on Feb. 14. for his situation. If the guy was last seen on Feb. 15th there is NO WAY Boney had anything to do with it because he was in jail already. You can search his name and see his mug shot with the date of Feb 14th clearly.

  2. Maybe sine Austin is so sure Boney u s guilty. I think he could be the guilty party considering Boney was not even in the picture on said date.

  3. Not much of this article is correct. Only one news publication ever came close. The Liberty Vindicator. The road numbers aren't right. Mr.Boney lived over a mile away, not next door. Mr. Brunson exited the home as asked, when asked. The two unnamed individuals are the only ones who would not come out. The person they were looking to question was homeless (had all his possessions with him. Including the named evidence). This was the second raid on our road in a little over a month. They found one person with an outstanding warrant and a few little marijuana plants deep in the woods. This was all due to an overzealous LEO. This is not the first or last time this LEO has done this. The most famous was when he ruined a family's life over a tip from a psychic: Read all the way to the end and you can see what I am writing about. Mr. Boney was part of the Texas Militia and that angered law enforcement. Mr. Boney did wrong. He (and our once happy family) is paying the price for his actions. Our family had nothing to do with the disappearance of Mr. Rhineburger.

    I truly hope they do find what happened to Mr. Rhineburger. He deserves justice. His family deserves peace and closure. Much light and love.

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