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Medsker family missing from Michigan Found

UPDATE:  According to relatives, the Medsker’s are fine.

Chief John Calabrese was on the Nancy Grace show and this is what he had to say.

GRACE: We are just getting news on the missing family. The Medsker family. Timothy, 33, Sabrina, 34, Joshua just 4 months.  Straight out to Chief John Calabrese. Chief, what do we know?

CALABRESE: Nancy, we were notified by the family, by Tim`s mother and sister that Tim had contacted them by phone, and that the family is fine. We did have an opportunity to speak to Tim`s mom and sister. They feel very confident and comfortable with the fact that Tim, Sabrina and Joshua are just fine and at this point we`ll be closing our investigation. Here`s the family —

GRACE: OK, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Chief, Chief, Chief. Where are they? Why did they disappear?

CALABRESE: At this point we don`t know why. And we don`t know exactly where they are but they do plan to reunite with mother and sister soon and we hope to get those — get the answers to those questions.

GRACE: Chief, thank you so much for being with us. You know, it`s so rare in our business that we get good news so we`re thankful for that.

Previous Story:

Timothy Medsker, 33, Sabrina Medsker, 34 and their 4-month old son Joshua were reported missing from their home in Petoskey, Michigan on February 23.

Authorities said the family had a successful commercial cleaning business and there was no signs of foul play at tier home and believe they left in a hurry.

“There’s nothing in the home that looks like a crime scene, but something scared them enough to leave in a hurry,” said Det. David Schultz on Wednesday.

All their bills were up to date and their finances were fine.

If you have any information as to their whereabouts, please call the Petoskey Dept. of Public Safety at 231-347-2500.

2 thoughts on “Medsker family missing from Michigan Found

  1. How do we know they actually contacted Kelly (Medsker) Manthei? Did the police actually access her phone records to indeed verify that she received such a call? Did they actually trace the call? Could she be covering up for someone (possibly through fear)? WHY are we expected to just accept this as a conclusion? At no time did I hear reporters mention that there are multi-millionaires in the Petoskey/surrounding Emmet Co., Michigan area. And the Medsker's cleaned businesses. They were said to have a “successful cleaning business”. What businesses did they clean? Those of the extremely wealthy? Wealthy people with possible dirty secrets that might have accidentally been discovered? Did they witness something that they were not intended to see? Also, it is never mentioned that Kelly (Medsker) Manthei married into a wealthy multi-multi-multi (and did I mention multi?!) millionaire family (the ultra-prosperous Manthei family/families of Emmet County/Petoskey, Mi.) The Manthei family/families own several prosperous businesses. They are ingenious, creative people with the Midas Touch. One of their businesses has been mentioned in Forbes.) So…could this be about a possible ransom? If the missing Medsker family's credit cards and cell phones were not showing any activity of any kind (according to coverage from other news sources), then WHY are we just to accept this story that has zero explanations? People that just disappear into thin air are either murdered or did something nefarious themselves and are trying to outrun any consequences. OR…in a wealthy resort township like Petoskey and the surrounding areas (with the elite wealthy who live and frolic there during the summers and hire governesses for their children and then leave before winter sets in)…it could be that they did indeed witness something and were killed or were frightened out of their wits. Maybe they were given cash money in which to “disappear” (maybe to another country?) or maybe they were killed, outright. Maybe Kelly (Medsker) Manthei was TOLD to say that she heard from her brother. She has children, too. Maybe she might be in possible fear for their lives if she doesn't comply. Or maybe a loved one accidentally killed his wife and/or baby and is running scared and his sister, who loves him, might be covering for him or just wants to believe the best if he did indeed call and told her they were all fine. All three missing Medsker family members should be made to come forth, where authorities can actually verify that they are indeed alive. And the baby should be verified to be the actual Medsker baby and not another child. Because if something nefarious DID happen, justice should be sought. How do we even know at this point that any of the three Medskers are alive? This case was brought into the national spotlight and many resources and man hours were expended and many people worried about them and prayed for them. After all of this national coverage, shouldn't it at least be verified by authorities that they (authorities, not just a family member who says they “got a phone call”) actually have SEEN the Medskers? It doesn't add up. Initially, remember, the Medsker family came forward and said this was completely out of character (“100% out of character and very concerning”) for them/Timothy to act in this manner. But after the supposed phone call, we are to believe from his sister that Timothy is a rather odd person who would not react in the way that normal folks would. If that is true, then WHY did the family insist that this was out of character for him to disappear and was odd behavior? Why are they now changing their story?

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