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Dennis Rogers: Missing from Plum Grove Road

Missing Person Texas

Update: On Saturday afternoon, the police have said they are ending the search for Dennis.No update on the people the authorities were talking to.

Update:  Authorities have several “Persons of interests” they want to talk to in connection with the disappearance of Dennis Rogers from Plum Grove Road in Cleveland, Texas.

A conversation was overheard at a bar in Montgomery County implicating several people who found Dennis and may have harmed him, according to Capt. Rex Evans.

Police resumed their search for Rogers after information surfaced about the conversation. The conversation took place at the No Tab Bar near New Caney.  The overheard conversation was then discussed in a Facebook chat room.

Several people were talked to on Tuesday night and also Wednesday morning.

The Baytown Sun wrote in an article in 2012:

Liberty County police are not releasing information on why the search and rescue operation for former drag strip driver Dennis “River Rat” Rogers was suddenly suspended, and then re-classified as a criminal investigation on Tuesday afternoon.The only release of information to the public is that a call came in with credible information that Rogers may have been the victim of foul play, and his disappearance in the woods of Liberty County may have started as a sad case of a disabled man becoming disoriented, but developed into something much more sinister.

 Rogers is part of the Missing Texas Forty

Original story:

Dennis Rogers, 54, is missing from his home in Plum Grove, Cleveland, Texas.

Dennis, has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old and he went for a walk in Liberty County in the woods near his home on CR 347 South on March 8.  He called 911 and told them that he had gone too far and was lost.

Roger’s wife Tammy, said that Dennis had started taking a new medication and it may have caused him to become disoriented.

Liberty County and Montgomery County law enforcement searched acres of farmland and forest to look for Dennis.  Dennis’ bag was found with some of his belonging in it and was brought to the command post north of Dayton on Friday.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call the LIberty County Sheriff’s Office.

Edwin Rogers missing from Texas

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