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Jacob Stephens missing while hiking in Oklahoma Found

UPDATE: Jacob has been found.  Authorities said he was confused, because he still thought it was Sunday.

“He was kind of shocked to see us and he didn’t realize we had been out looking for him,” said the police.

They believe that because of his diabetes his blood sugar may have been low and caused his to be confused. 

Jacob Stephens, 37, from Bixby, Oklahoma has not been seen since he left to go hiking in Muskogee County at Greenleaf State Park on Saturday.  He has not been heard from since.

Jacob’s gray 2007 Nissan VRS was found at the park located on Oklahoma Highway 10 in between Braggs and Gore.

Jacob was carrying a camo pack and wearing brown hiking boots.  He is diabetic and is 5’8″ tall, 160 pounds with long brown hair and green eyes. 

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