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Mark Allen Smith: Missing from Kentucky Found

UPDATE:  11/10/13 – The body found in a truck in the Ohio River has been confirmed to be Mark’s.

UPDATE  11/4/13 – Mark may have been found.  His truck was found in the Ohio River in California, Ohio on Saturday.  There was a body inside and a wallet and clothes belonging to Mark were found. Read more here.

Mark Allen Smith, 51, from Independence, Kentucky was last seen outside him home on February 16. He was also seen at BP gas station at Taylor Mill Road and I-275 where he made a credit card transaction.

Mark has been missing for almost a month, along with his 1999 Ford Ranger truck the Kentucky plates 816-AYX.

Assistant Independence Police Chief David Nichols said they have followed up on every lead and are stumped as to what could have happened.  He also said there was nothing that was obvious that could explain why he is missing.

Mark is 6 feet tall, 220 pounds with hazel eyes, and a scars on his right shoulder and stomach.  He has a tattoo of a heart on his upper left arm with a ribbon across it.  Later, the name ribbon was filled in to conceal the name.  He’s also had numerous surgeries and there are surgical scars on his right shoulder area and also on his stomach near the navel area.

 His personal items were left at his home and calls to his cell phone go to voicemail, according to NamUS.

If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call the police at 859-356-2697.

9 thoughts on “Mark Allen Smith: Missing from Kentucky Found

  1. ANOTHER missing person with a tattoo. Anybody else see a pattern here? Bad choices = bad life.

  2. Is this what your going to do….. Go to ever picture of people that have tattoos and say look that's why there missing…. Please just stop

  3. Unvelievable. This is my brother, not some bad person. He has a good job, lives in a wonderful area of Northern Kentucky and you should be ashamed of yourself for making a tattoo comment. Our service men and women get them to show their love of our country. Mark got one to show the love of his wife.

  4. Ok enough from anonymous about the tattoos. ACCORDING TO GOOGLE APPROX 40% of the adult population in the US has at least 1 tattoo. Does that mean that almost half the population should expect to disappear at some point? Wouldn't that percentage include some ppl you are close with too? It is my opinion that nobody deserves to disappear. Whether they have tattoos, piercings, or even a high risk lifestyle. i am going to pray that your family and friends stay safe regardless of their choices and your close minded opinions.

  5. Is there any new information on mark smith? Prayers still going out to the family.Pray that he comes home safe. If there is anything that people can do Please post it on facebook.

  6. Thoughts & Prayers that he is found soon. I know it's hard, especially at a time like this, but don't let the ignorance of others discourage you.

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